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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 11. Ответы.

    Задание 1.

    Поставьте наречия и прилагательные в правильные формы.

    My cousin Joe likes small villages far more than I do. He says that life there

    is much more.relaxed and people are friendlier than in the city. I don’t agree. After all people who live in the country have a lot more problems. Many young people, like me, can hardly stand living in the country. Life is

    just not as exciting for us as in the city. But the worst thing of all, when you look at the problem more closely, is that there are far fewer jobs there rhan in the city. But what annoys me most of all is that people are too romantic about country life. And my cousin

    always speaks warmly of village life.I think it sounds foolish. But then, of the two of us I am the elder and the more experienced and I have been living in the country twice as long as he has. So I know what I’m talking about. I’m dead certain he will see my point when he has lived in.the country as long as I have. The more I live here,   the more depressed I become.

    Задание 2.

    Вставьте правильный предлог в пропуск.

    The hotel is in Main Street, at the corner of Main Street and Side Road. The reception is on the right of the main door. There is a taxi rank right in front of of the hotel and opposite to the taxi rank there is a public car park.Now, George, at 8.00 I want you to park the car in the car park. Greta, you will be at the restaurant (10.besides next to the hotel. Sit at a table close to the window, so that you could see George in the road.

    There is a lire exit at the back of the hotel. Now, Mike, you will be in the garden, behind the hotel, watching the, fire exit. We move at 8.15. Our man is staying in room 512, on the top floor.

    Ken: Hello! I’m so sorry for being late. It’s been so kind of you to wait. Joan: I was very worried about you. I’ll be interested in your explanation.

    К: I crashed my bike into  a pedestrian at first, I thought he was hurt, but I was wrong. Then a policeman came along and said I was responsible for the accident and I would have to pay a fine. I wasn’t pleased with it ai all.

    J: Poor you! I’m beginning to feel sorry for you

    K: Well, I told the policeman that I was very sorry about the accident.

    J: And you really were sorry, I’m sure of it.

    K: Yes, so for the next half hour, please be nice to me and don4 be angry with me.



    Задание 3

    Выберите форму глагола, соответствующую каждому во­просительному предложению.

    1. do      2. are        3. have          4. will             5. am                 6. does

    7. has     8. did         9. was            10. is               11. had               12. were


    1. When wil the article be translated?
    2. How long has she been working as a secretary?
    3. What sentence is being translated now?
    4. Did you go out last night?
    5. Was he absent from the last lecture?
    6. When are you going to take your next exam?
    7. How long had he been waiting before you came?
    8. It is not easy to learn English, is it?
    9. Have you changed your mind?
    10. Will they still be working at 6 o’clock?
    11. He hasn’t arrived yet, has he?
    12. Will you be able to come to the party?
    13.  Who was television invented by?
    14. How low long have you been waiting for the bus?
    15.  What were your parents doing when you came home
    16. Are you sure that the last bus leaves at 6 p.m.?
    17.  What European countries has he been to?
    18. Is wrestling a dangerous sport?
    19. Did you go to a rock concert last Sunday?
    20. Had your boss already left when you arrived?
    21. Is she making an apple-pie now?
    22. Do you enjoy your present job?
    23. Did Ihey get married 5 years ago?
    24. Was the fire caused by the electric fault?
    25. Who was cooking dinner when she entered the kitchen?
    26. Were they present at the meeting last night?
    27. Has he worked much this week?
    28. When was this book translated into French?
    29. Have you finished your work?
    30. When are you leaving?
    31. Will they be here at 6 o’clock?
    32. Were you having dinner when I called?
    33. How many years ago did he leave Great Britain?
    34. Was the house painted last year?
    35. Who is making a report now?
    36. They haven’t signed the agreement, have they?
    37. Was she in when you came to see her?
    38. How long have you been working for this firm?
    39. Will you call me when you return?
    40. Did you watch a new TV show yesterday?
    41. Who is studying in the library now?
    42. Was it snowing when you left home?
    43. Has he been working hard for the last three months?
    44. Will there be a conference in a week?
    45. You didn’t have to stand in a long queue, did you?
    46. Where were you living when you started school?
    47. When was the window broken?
    48. Has she been writing the book all these years?
    49. Did you buy this CD last week?
    50. Has she ever watched a baseball game?
    51.  Are they leaving for the USA next week?
    52. What time will you be back tonight?
    53. What were you doing when your computer stopped?
    54. Where did you spend your last holiday?
    55. How long have they been selling software?
    56. You weren’t listening, were you?
    57. How many tennis courts will there be in this leisure center?
    58. Was it foggy the other day?
    59. Had he published his book by the end of the year?
    60. Will you be having an English lesson at 2 o’clock?
    61. How many people have you invited to the party?
    62. Who has seen my gloves?
    63. Were you surprised when you met him?
    64. Was he speaking on the phone when you entered?
    65. What were she doing when we arrived?
    66. Had the film started when you got to the cinema?
    67. When will the letters be posted?
    68. How long have they been discussing this matter?
    69. You are not angry with us, are you?
    70. How much money have you spent on clothes this month?


    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 10. Ответы.




    1 .Smoke­­­­­­­ rose from the factory chimneys.

    2. He raised  the lid of the box.

    3. The river is rising after the rain.

    4. She raised her finger to her lips as a sign for silence.

    5. Their voices rose higher and higher with excitement.

    6. The builders­ raised the ceiling by six inches.

    7.  He was raised to the rank of captain.

    8. The price of bread rose sharply by 15 per cent.

    9. The king raised an army.

    10. The road rose steeply from the village.

    11. There was an appeal to raise money for victims of the disaster.

    12. The car raised a cloud of dust as it rushed past.

    13. The house was built on raised ground.

    14. His absence raised fears about his safety.

    15. She eventually rose to an important position in the firm.

    16. He rose from captain to colonel in five years.

    17. There were a lot of raised eyebrows at the news of the minister’s dismissal.

    18. My spirits rose when I heard the news. 19 The studenT mis hand in class.

    19. Tension in the region is rising

    20. The sun rises in the East.

    21. Hot air rises

    22. The trees rose above the roof-tops.

    23. He rose from his knees.

    24. The temperature has risen, hasn’t it?

    25. She rose to greet her guests.

    26. The people rose up against their cruel opression.

    27.  A lot of famous singers are going to participate in a charity concert raised  money for seriously ill children.

    28. According to the Bible, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his death.

    29. Mr Faust raised many different kinds of flowers in his garden.

    30. When the speaker failed to arrive, the chairman rose to the occasion and made a very

    amusing speech himself.

    31. You are still in bed and the sun has already risen.


    32. The new discovery has aroused  medical people’s interest.

    33. The children’s long absence aroused their mother’s anxiety.

    34. When you decide to go on a tour, the usual luggage question arises

    35. We don’t want to arouse their suspicion that we might be interested in buying their business.

    36. A serious problem has arisen which will take time to solve.

    37. Hardly had the travellers set off when the mist arose

    38. Some unexpected difficulties have arisen

    39. A strong wind arose

    40. We aroused him from his sleep.

    41. There will be a meeting to discuss any matters arising from the recent changes in the law.

    42. Her behaviour aroused  suspicions of the police.

    43. The bank will extend your loan, should the need arise


    44. Hens lay eggs.

    45. Alex is lying in his studio, since he’s not OK.

    46. Jan laid the table in the morning.

    47. If you are exhausted you should  lie down and have rest.

    48. Murmansk lies north of Moscow.

    49. Let sleeping dogs lie

    50.Don’t kill the goose that  lays the golden eggs.

    51.The hunters were lying  in wait for the coming hogs.

    52.They laid the wounded woman on the grass.

    53.The village lay in ruins after the bombing.

    54.He wanted to be a good professional, and was learning to lay bricks.

    54.The equipment was lying idle because of the weather.

    55.Where do your best interests lie

    56.The rain quickly laid the dust.

    57.The final decision  lies  with the manager.

    58.We tried hard to understand  where the responsibility lies

    59.The preposal was laid before the committee.

    60.If you don’t take the right decision, you’ll lay yourself open to a heavy penalty.

    61.She  laid 10 kg. eating buns and cakes.


    62.We hung  the equipment  on the frame.

    63.They hanged  the unfortunate man at dawn.




    Read more: https://myluckyenglish.ru/category/obraztsy-kontrol-ny-h/#ixzz30BFp2rqM

    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены.Тест № 13.

    1. My Dad doesn’t let…… his car.

    1. Me to drive   2. me driving   3. that I drive  4. me drive

    2. I’m looking forward…..you again soon.

    1.To see     2. to seeing   3. seeing   4. that I will see

    3. I expect…..an answer soon.

    1. receive  2. him receive  3. to receive  4. receiving

    4. every major city keeps…..and London is no exception

    1. changing   2. to change   3. change  4. having changed

    5. The book made me……sleepy

    1. to feel    2. feeling    3. feel    4. felt

    6. He felt like……the whole affair.

    1. he gives up   2. give up    3. giving up   4. to give up

    7. You had better…..your personal stereo.

    1. switch off   2. switched off   3. to switch off   4. switching off

    8. Would you mind…….to the library with me?

    1. coming up    2. come up    3. that you come up   4. to come up

    9. She was made…..the truth

    1. telling the truth   2. tell   3. having told  4. to tell

    10. She suggested… to the zoo.

    1. to go   2. us to go   3. going   4. we to go

    11. I refused to let him……me.

    1. help   2. helping   3. to help     4. helped

    12. I did my best to make him….his mind.

    1. changed    2. change    3. to change    4. changing

    13. You’d better……..

    1. stop worry    2. don’t worry    3. stop worrying   4. not to worry

    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 9. Ответы.

    Задание №1. Поставьте правильную видовременную форму глагола.

    1.”Dоn’t takе this pсrsonally, but do уou beliеvе in lоvе аt first sight? Gаbе asked, with thе еxpгеssion of shoсkеd and tегrifiеd disbеliеf as, hе istеned to his voiсе saуing words hе had nеvеr said before and had nеvеr eхpесted tо say.

    “If you had аsked mе thаt fiivе minutеs bеfоrе…”, Jazz hеsitаtеd and lоwегed hеr еуеlids, unаЬlе to mееt his gazе.

    “Yеs? Don’t stop…” Gabе implогеd hеr. “Just sаy whаtеvеr comes into your head”.

    “Now…I am begining to wonder…”

    “Wonder what?’

    ‘If maybe it’s possible”, she whispered, overcome by a sudden new bashfulness, her chin lowered so that she was looking only at the table.

    “How would I know? Why do you expect me to know everything?” Jazz said, lifting her head.

    “Because I am crazy in love with you, I have been since the minute I saw you and it doesn’t seem possible, it has never happened to me before, so you have to tell me, it’s true”.

    “Oh …” Jazz said.

    “Are you just going to sit there and say “oh”?

    Jazz nodded, incapable of speech. She couldn’t even make a gesture. She just sat there, immobile, knowing that it was enough for her to accept these words and wait. Her hands were trembling as badly as his, but his were warm and hers were cold.

    “So that is settled. Love at first sight that’s what it’s called, that’s what has happened to us.”


    Задание №2. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. She__________English for 3 years

    had learned                   has been learning

    have been learning        was learning2.

    2.  At the moment I_________TV. There is a very good programme on

    watch                   c watched

           am watching       watches

    3. There___________ too much bad news on TV tonight.

    be                    are

    were                is

     4. I like all drinks____________cocao.

           except              instead of

    besides             after

    5. I can’t stand____________to this music.

    to listen               listening

    listen                    be listening

    6. Don’t forget to congratulate Mark_______getting the prize.

           on                       with

    for                      of

    7. She had to accept this decision__________?

    did  she           didn’t she

    hadn’t she      had she

    8. The Browns had________furniture for their apartment.

    all                          many

          enough                 any

    9. She can___________write________read.

    either….nor               neither……nor….

          neither….nor             either……and

    10. Either John or his wife__________breakfast in the morning.

    to cook                  cooking

    cook                        cooks

    11. Please make him___________to the doctor.

        go                         going

    to go                    have gone

    12. This girl is_______________than her sister

    pretty                  prettier

    much pretty       more prettier

    13. Is Helen’s daughter as pretty as________.

    your                      your’s

    your ones             yours

    14. Let’s go to the seaside,___________?

       shall we                  shan’t we

    will you                  shall us

    15. If it_______________tomorrow, I’ll stay at home.

    will rain                 rains

    rain                        rained

    16. I learnt how to____________a car whe I was 18.

    ride                          drive

    conduct                   lead

    17. They went swimming, but they didn’t enjoy________

       themselves            selves

    themsef                 oneselves

    18. What’s the weather ____________today?

    would                       so

     like                           that

    19. I____________to introduce you to my best friend Helen.

    would                      am wanting

    will like                   would like

    20. Apples and orranges_____________in this shop now.

    are selling               are being sold

    are sold                   be sold


    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 8. Ответы.

    I. Поставьте глаголы в нужную грамматическую форму.

    1. They usually stay at home on Friday, but tonight ia an exception as  they are going to the circus.

    2. Rita Bell is the most wonderful woman he has ever met, she’s only 20 but she has visited more then 40 various countries. Two years ago, she was only a shop assistant in Bermingham, but she felt like leaving her job and seing how different people lived their lives.Since then, her way of life has altered compeletely.

    3. She visited a foreign country seven years ago, when she was only 20.

    4. I have been doing military for 24 months. So, I’m finishing my contract.

    5. I didn’t go to work by my car because Mary had taken the car.

    6. My arms are aching now because I have been swimming since 3 o’clock.

    7. He has been an imbecile this morning.

    8. I keep falling asleep.I can’t keep concentrate on my work.

    -When do you go to bed?

    -At 11 o’clock as a rule. But it does not help me.

    9. I love this film. I suppose it’s the fourth time I have seen it.

    10. I had been working in the telecommunication holding for a year. That was when I graduated from the colledge.

    11. Why are you tasting the meat? Is it bad? Does the meat taste bad?

    12. Here is the news. There has been an accident not far from Liverpool. People who saw the crash say that there was an explosion as the plane was taking off.

    13. Scientists are inclined to believe that the Universe has been expanding since the starting of the time.


    II. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. There’s________point  in complaining. They’re unlikely to do anyhing about it.

    a.few            b. a little          c. few         d. little

    1. I don’t feel like purchasing  any of these dictionaries, I’ve got____

    a.all                   b. all them      c. everything    c them all

    1. The castle  was_________construction.

    a. lovely old brick    b. lovely brick old   c. brick old lovely  d. an old lovely brick

    1. Polly feels like travelling round the world. She’s really keen______the idea.

    a.bout       b. for     c. on      d. with

    1. Is that my pen, or is it________?

    a.the yours    b.yours      c. your     d. yours

    1. The_____manufactured at our planty  in England.

    a.good are    b. good is      c. goods are     d. goods is

    7. They haven’t had a vocation for________time.

    a.so long      b. so a long    c. such a long    d. such long

    1. Don’t make any noise,________?

    a.shall we     b. do you     c. OK      d. will you

    1. Emma isn’t here tonight_________

    a.neither Bob is    b.so isn’t Bob     c. nor is Bob     d. so Bob is

    10. Five minutes________seem long to wait.

    a. doesn’t       b. don’t    c. isn’t    d. aren’t

    11. This species of insect________quite rare

    a. are     b. is       c. appear to be     d. seem

    12. Rent a car_______a long way to the town.

    a. there’s     b. it’s      c. it has been    d. there has been




    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 7. Ответы.

    Неличные формы глагола.

    1. to working

    31. to impress

    2. to make

    32. embarrassing

    3. running

    33. stuck

    4. to get

    34. to test

    5. discussing

    35. to perform, leave

    6. to come

    36. to drive, crashing

    7. sent

    37. going, to buy

    8. travelling

    38. cross, disappear

    9. empty

    39. finished, working

    10. to be offered

    40. to impress, sparkling

    11. to do

    41. to pass, studying

    12. disappointed

    42. to put

    13. making

    43. complaining

    14. to solve

    44. encourage, to smoke

    15. hurry

    45. meeting, remember

    16. to enter

    46. to persuade, to listen

    17. to think, making

    47. seeing, discussing

    18. to enter

    48. to sign, admitting

    19. to be delivered

    49. to fall

    20. confusing

    50. to create, meeting

    21. wait

    51. to inform, to supply

    22. to interpret

    52. Being, to have

    23. to see

    53. to change, to do

    24. holding

    54. not risk, being caught

    25. being employed

    55. to practise, throwing

    26. to be installed

    56. spend, paying

    27. Having analyzed

    57. to decide, to work, graduating

    28. waiting

    58. to avoid, driving

    29. to have been misplaced

    59. to make, show, to use

    30. to do

    60. carrying, filling, keeping


    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 6. Ответы.

    I. Поставьте правильную грамматическую форму.

    1)    When there is even a short break in the weather, the athletes will renew their try to reach the top of the mountain.

    2)    He was sleeping soundly when he was woken up by a noise.He went down stairs to find out what was going on. He knew there must have been some problems because the dog was barking furiously.

    3)    Listerners who have missed any of those lectures may like to know that we will be repeating all the series during the next semester.

    4)    The new one-way scheme has been operating for just over a year, and traffic has improved considerably as a result.

    5)    The talks are rapidly approaching an end. Agreement has already been reached on most points.

    6)    When he first arrived, he couldn’t understand a word of Spanish. He had never been taught it before.

    7)    The meeting will have already been in progress by the moment we get there unless we hurry.

    8)    I’m afraid the man will have died by the time the doctor arrives. There is little he can do. The wounds look very serious and the man has lost a lot of blood.

    9)    The speaker said he would confine himself to trying to answer four questions.

    10 You’re supposed to remember lending him the money? I hope, at least, he won’t forget to pay you back, for he’s in the habit of forgetting to do things he does not want to remember.

    II. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1)    If you have a pet, you_________give it too much food or it’ll die.

    mustn’t         shouldn’t        needn’t         can’t

    2)    Look at all these people  waiting for the buss! What time is it?-It______be after 3 p.m. That’s when the plant is out.

    must             can                 should              might

    3)    My study is a mess, but I_______clean it before I leave home tonight, I can do it in the morning.

    am not to          oughtn’t to     don’t have to            needn’t to

    4)    Ann’s parents expect her to work in the family store, a shoe store, but she wants to be an architect. I think they_____let her take up the career she is cut out for.

    Must                should              ought         need

    5)    Isn’t Sam Robinson a manager in a bank? Why don’t you consult him? He______be able to help you with the loan.

    must          may                 can           should

    6)    Anita is in bed. The lights are out and can hear her snoring. She_________

    May be daydreaming          can’t have overslept          should have fallen asleep                  must bee sleeping

    7)    Why is Michael so certain that Marjorie didn’t commit the crime she’s been accused

    for?  She_________have committed that crime because he was with her, and they went

    to the summer house that day.

    May not             mustn’t        wasn’t              can’t

    8)    Whenever my parents went out in the evening, ________take care of my younger brother.

    must              should             had to          need to

    9)    The plane has already landed. Jane________(come out soon.

    must         has to         is to        should

    10) The fire went through the building so fast that few people ______escape.

    Were able to           could       might        succeeded in

    11) I was so tired I_________for a week

    Could sleep         might sleep       could have slept       might have slept

    12) It was fortunate that Peter_______his favourite picture because he won a lottery. He could both keep the picture and start his own business.

    Needn’t have sold       didn’t need to sell     shoudn’t have sold      hadn’t to sell

    III. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1)    It took several months before the organization was up and______

    ready               running             functioning        about

    2)    The nanager complained that a lot of people here think that serving others is_________them

    underneath              behind            under          beneath

    3)    The head teacher warned that any child who________truant would be expelled

    discovered             was            played            acted

    4)    Many parents have to work long hours so that their offsprings are left to their own________after school has finished

    concerns         activities         affairs         devices

    5)    What are the__________of the youth today? Probably the same as they always have had-a job, a steady relationship and somewhere to live.

    thoughts         aspirations          subjects       attempts

    6)    The boy’s diet of fried food and chocolate________a bad outbreak of sports.

    developed       gave        triggered        advanced

    7)    Tickets cost a________$ 6, which for three hours of music is great value for money.

    few       small          mere        bit

    8)    Altough it was only a minor_________she was sentenced to  a two-year confinement.

    Law           offence         term        act

    9)    The attack_________the whole country

    Aroused     arose        rose         raised

    10) We don’t envisage any change in policy in the _______future

    enviable        portable        foreseeable       nearest

    11) Relax! You’ll soon get the _______of the machine.

    hand          hang          range        lie

    12) You need total_________to become a world class athlete.

    Commitment      judjement      appointment       requirement










    postheadericon Подготовительный тест к экзамену в МГИМО №5. Ответы.

    Ответы к тесту № 5.

    1. on   21. to,- 41. with, at
    2. for   22. in, in 42. in, —
    3. in   23. by, under 43. of, on
    4. for   24. in, by 44. on, in
    5. under   25. for, on 45. on, by
    6. on   26. to, for 46. -, with
    7. on   27. to, to 47. between, opposite
    8. for   28. at, to 48. to, —
    9. In   29. with, — 49. for, by
    10. out   30. for, for 50. of, up with
    11. for   31. on, through 51. from, behind
    12. up   32. in, on 52. at, of, —
    13. in   33. at, in 53. about, for, to
    14. up   34. for, for 54. at, to, in
    15. in   35. in, in 55. in, for, during
    16. from   36. on, — 56. about, down, out
    17. with   37. to, with 57. at, for, at, —
    18. between   38. for, on 58. up, by, in, until
    19. in for   39. above, at 59. with, of, in, on
    20. at, in   40. in, down 60. at, in, on, on, below

    postheadericon Подготовительный тест к экзамену в МГИМО №4. Ответы.

    I. Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа :

    1. l am studying managrmеnt at thе Bеlarusian State Еconomiс Univеrsity,

    and so … mу friеnd.

    a. is               c. was

    b. does          d. were


    2. My parents usually … fivе days a wееk, and this wееk thеy … siх


    a. work; work                 с. arе working; are working

    b. arе working; work      d. work; arе working


    3. Whеn Мr. Lyпdon arrived, thе Мanaging Dirесtor … lunсh, but

    stoppеd  in ordеr tо talk to him.


    a. was hаving      c. were having

    b. had                  d.had been having


    4. Thе сompany….fоr offiсе managеrs now.

    a. advеrtisеd           с.was advеrtisеd

    b. has advеrtisеd    d. is advеrtising


    5. Don’t worry… latе tonight.

    a. if I’ll be           с.whеn I’ll bе

    b. if l am           d. if l b е


    6. What timе … thе aссidеnt…?


    a.did; happеn           с.had; happеnеd

    b. has; happеnеd      d. was; happеning


    7. I … a very hard day tomorrow. I need to prepare for the exam.


    1. will have           c. have
    2. am having       d. would have


    8. Wе had many diffiсultiеs but wе … thеm.

    a. have оvеrсome         с.had ovеrсomе

    b. ovеrсamе                d. will overсomе


    9. Аt 9 a.m on Tuesday thе Publiс Rеlations Мanаgеr … thе dеlеgation

    in the office

    a. will receive       c. will be rесеiving

    b. is receiving       d. would receive


    10. l … always …. if the serviсe is bad in rеstaurants.

    a. сomplаin

    b. will; be сomplaining

    с. am;  сomplaining

    d. will; сomplain


    11. At first I thought I … thе right thing, but I soon realized that I…

    a serious mistake.

    a. did; made                                          с. havе donе; havе made

    b. had done; had made          d. did; had made


    12. This…the third time I …you one and the same quеstion.

    a. has been; asked              с. is; am asking

    b. is; have asked                d. has been; had asked


    13. Next week Barbara…to the USA on business.

    a. is going                с. goes

    b. is going to go        d. will go


    14.”How long …hеrе?’ ‘”Sinсе I… from Univеrsity”

    a. have you beеn working; graduatеd

    b. had you workеd; had graduatеd

    с. did you work; havе  graduatеd

    d. do you work; graduate


    15. I … chemistryс lassеs a lot, but I don’t any morе.

    a. was usеd to attеnd        с. was usеd to attеnding

    b. usеd to attending           d. used to attеnd


    16. …the bank whеn you go out? I neеd to top up my mobilе aсcount

    a. Will you havе passеd        с. Will you bе passing

    b. Do you pass                         d. Аrе you passing


    17. His statе of hеalth is alrеady vеry bad and it …worsе.


    a. is gеtting        c. got

    b. gets                       d. would be gеtting


    18. … bеfоrе? Еriс, this is Amandа.


    a. Did you two mееt               с. Had уou two mеt

    b. Havе you two mеt         d. Wеrе you two meеting


    19. I think summеr … a diffiсult timе for all sсhool-lеavеrs.

    a. is going to bе             с. havе bееn

    b. will bе                       d. had bееn


    20. Еvеrything is gоing wеll. Wе … any problеms so far, fortunatеlу.


    a. didn’t havе             с. havеn’t had

    b. wеrеn’t having       d. don’t havе


    21. Sorry, сould you say that again? I … to you.


    a. havеn’t bееn listening            с. didn’t listеn

    b. don’t listеn                                       d. havеn’t listеnеd


    22. Nехt July thеy … marriеd for twеnty yеars.


    a. will be                                с. will havе bееn

    b. are                                      d. will have bеing


    23. It… an invеntion whiсh… the foundations of modеrn

    Information teсhnology.


    a. was; laid                         с. had bееn; liеd

    b. has beеn; liеs                  d. is; has bееn lying


    24. I … thе Chief Ехесutive himsеlf today, but I…to his dеputy.


    a. didn’t see; spokе                                 с. don’t see; spеak

    b. havеn’t sееn; have spokеn      d. didn’t sее; have spoken


    25. I… ill sinсе I … up this morning.


    a. am fеeling; got                       с. fееl; havе got

    b. had felt; havе got                   d. havе bеen fеeling; got


    26. Shе … promotеd bесause shе … a lot of good work.


    a. has got; is doing                       с. had got; has donе

    b. gоt; had donе                                 d. got; was doing


    27. Bу nехt summеr you … Еnglish for twо yеars.

    a. will study                                   с. will havе beеn studying

    b. havе studiеd                            d. arе studying


    28. Shе … at thе parсеl long еnough, bеforе shе … that it was for hег



    a. had bееn looking; had undeгstood

    b. had bееn looking; undеrstood

    с. was loоking; undеrstood

    d. was looking; had understood


    29. He… through morning nеwspaреrs whеn I … thе room yestеrday.


    a. had beеn browsing; еntеrеd

    b. browsed; had entегеd

    с. was bгowsing; еnterеd

    d. was browsing: was entеring


    30. He … staring at hеr wondеring where hе … hеr bеforе.


    a. kеpt; had seеn           с. havе kеpt; saw

    b. had kеpt; saw                d. was kееping; had sееn

    postheadericon Контрольная № 2. Ответы к заданиям.

     I. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. _________ lovely you look in that dress!

    Such           How               What    So

    2.These cars are not as big__________ some I’ve seen in America.

    than     to    as     like

    3.Don’t ever say that to me again_________?

    do you   don’t you    will you       won’t you

    4.It is said that when people are married for a long time they even begin to look_____________

      alike     like     same      equal

    5.Dogs,______ being aggressive, can make good companions.

    although      despite      though as

    6.Andy didn’t enjoy the party,________ I did.

    neither      so         nor           but

    7._________all our work than we were given more to do.

    no sooner had we done     hardly had we done       scarcely had we done

    Barely did we do


    8. Hank________ a fabulous story about witches and goblins for the essay contest.

    made out     made up    thought through      thought over


    9. I always wake up just after the sun has__________ .

    arisen       risen        raised        rose


    10_________of the children enjoyed the party; they all found it very boring.

    neither        any       none        both


    11. She’d rather watch TV,______ ?

    hadn’t she     didn’t she       wouldn’t she         doesn’t s