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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 6. Ответы.

    I. Поставьте правильную грамматическую форму.

    1)    When there is even a short break in the weather, the athletes will renew their try to reach the top of the mountain.

    2)    He was sleeping soundly when he was woken up by a noise.He went down stairs to find out what was going on. He knew there must have been some problems because the dog was barking furiously.

    3)    Listerners who have missed any of those lectures may like to know that we will be repeating all the series during the next semester.

    4)    The new one-way scheme has been operating for just over a year, and traffic has improved considerably as a result.

    5)    The talks are rapidly approaching an end. Agreement has already been reached on most points.

    6)    When he first arrived, he couldn’t understand a word of Spanish. He had never been taught it before.

    7)    The meeting will have already been in progress by the moment we get there unless we hurry.

    8)    I’m afraid the man will have died by the time the doctor arrives. There is little he can do. The wounds look very serious and the man has lost a lot of blood.

    9)    The speaker said he would confine himself to trying to answer four questions.

    10 You’re supposed to remember lending him the money? I hope, at least, he won’t forget to pay you back, for he’s in the habit of forgetting to do things he does not want to remember.

    II. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1)    If you have a pet, you_________give it too much food or it’ll die.

    mustn’t         shouldn’t        needn’t         can’t

    2)    Look at all these people  waiting for the buss! What time is it?-It______be after 3 p.m. That’s when the plant is out.

    must             can                 should              might

    3)    My study is a mess, but I_______clean it before I leave home tonight, I can do it in the morning.

    am not to          oughtn’t to     don’t have to            needn’t to

    4)    Ann’s parents expect her to work in the family store, a shoe store, but she wants to be an architect. I think they_____let her take up the career she is cut out for.

    Must                should              ought         need

    5)    Isn’t Sam Robinson a manager in a bank? Why don’t you consult him? He______be able to help you with the loan.

    must          may                 can           should

    6)    Anita is in bed. The lights are out and can hear her snoring. She_________

    May be daydreaming          can’t have overslept          should have fallen asleep                  must bee sleeping

    7)    Why is Michael so certain that Marjorie didn’t commit the crime she’s been accused

    for?  She_________have committed that crime because he was with her, and they went

    to the summer house that day.

    May not             mustn’t        wasn’t              can’t

    8)    Whenever my parents went out in the evening, ________take care of my younger brother.

    must              should             had to          need to

    9)    The plane has already landed. Jane________(come out soon.

    must         has to         is to        should

    10) The fire went through the building so fast that few people ______escape.

    Were able to           could       might        succeeded in

    11) I was so tired I_________for a week

    Could sleep         might sleep       could have slept       might have slept

    12) It was fortunate that Peter_______his favourite picture because he won a lottery. He could both keep the picture and start his own business.

    Needn’t have sold       didn’t need to sell     shoudn’t have sold      hadn’t to sell

    III. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1)    It took several months before the organization was up and______

    ready               running             functioning        about

    2)    The nanager complained that a lot of people here think that serving others is_________them

    underneath              behind            under          beneath

    3)    The head teacher warned that any child who________truant would be expelled

    discovered             was            played            acted

    4)    Many parents have to work long hours so that their offsprings are left to their own________after school has finished

    concerns         activities         affairs         devices

    5)    What are the__________of the youth today? Probably the same as they always have had-a job, a steady relationship and somewhere to live.

    thoughts         aspirations          subjects       attempts

    6)    The boy’s diet of fried food and chocolate________a bad outbreak of sports.

    developed       gave        triggered        advanced

    7)    Tickets cost a________$ 6, which for three hours of music is great value for money.

    few       small          mere        bit

    8)    Altough it was only a minor_________she was sentenced to  a two-year confinement.

    Law           offence         term        act

    9)    The attack_________the whole country

    Aroused     arose        rose         raised

    10) We don’t envisage any change in policy in the _______future

    enviable        portable        foreseeable       nearest

    11) Relax! You’ll soon get the _______of the machine.

    hand          hang          range        lie

    12) You need total_________to become a world class athlete.

    Commitment      judjement      appointment       requirement










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