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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 15. Ответы.

    Translate the sentences.

    1. Должно быть, они обсуждают очень важный вопрос.
    2. Кто-то стучит в дверь. Возможно это Том.
    3. Ей не следовало оставлять ребенка одного.
    4. Эд не пришел вчера. Может быть, он и был занят, но я не уверен.
    5. Вам следует ехать туда сейчас. Возможно, они ожидают вас.
    6. Сью не была дома вчера. Возможно, она занималась в библиотеке.
    7. Алану следует подумать о таком шансе.
    8. Вы, наверно, очень обрадовались, когда увидели своих одноклассников.
    9. Она выглядит очень уставшей. Наверно она работает с самого утра.
    10. Тебе не следовало смеяться над братом, когда он сказал, что хочет быть актером.
    11. О чем они говорят? Они, наверно, шутят!
    12. Ты знаешь, в каком отеле она проживает? Может быть, она проживает в Хилтоне, но я не уверена.
    13. Мы не могли не смеяться, когда услышали его шутку.
    14. Ты не можешь откладывать принятие этого решения.
    15. Когда, наконец, прекратится дождь
    16. Мои туфли нужно отремонтировать.
    17. Ей следует прекратить есть десерты.
    18. Бесполезно просить его помочь
    19. Я удивлен том, что вижу тебя здесь.
    20. Она ушла не попрощавшись.
    21. Мы настаиваем на том, чтоб он зашел.
    22. Я считаю, что этот фильм смотреть не стоит.
    23. Ты интересуешься садоводством?
    24. Жечь мусор запрещено.
    25. В эти дни мы очень мало тренируемся.
    26.Что он на самом деле любит, так это плавание.
    27. Что ты умеешь делать, кроме печатания?

    Complete the sentences with an appropriate preposi¬tion and verb form.

    1. We apologized for being late.
    2. I prevented the child from runing into the street.
    3. They are suspected of commiting this crime.
    4. Do you have a good reason for not going there?
    5. He is accustomed to having a big breakfast.
    6. We insist on knowing all the truth.
    7. Don’t blame him for not wanting to help you.
    8. Why do they object to changing their plans?
    9. She is used to sleeping with the window open.
    10. I’m looking forward to meeting with my friends.
    11. Tom is good at repairing cars.
    12. She was accused of stealing a woman’s purse.
    13. Who is responsible for cleaning the flat?
    14. Mr. Grand was found guilty of taking money from the clients.
    15. She is proud of being such a famous person.
    16. Some students complained of doing a lot of home¬work.
    17. Tom went to bed instead of working on his report.
    18. Bad health keeps her from traveling.
    19. Dogs show they are happy by waving their tailes.
    20. In addition to studing last night I wrote some letters.
    21. Frank is not interested in carring out the experiment.
    22. She has never thought of writing books for children before.
    23. Please forgive me for not writing.
    24. Do you think John is capable of telling a lie?
    25. Alex found the meaning of the world «germ» by looking up in the dictionary.
    26. I want to congratulate you on passing your last exam.
    27. We show that we are happy by smiling.
    28. My brother is fond of boxing.
    29. Jane succeeded in acting.
    30. Peter is fond of reading.

    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест № 20.


    World peace and order are now being seriously______ (threatened/menaced). Countries are investing too much money_________ (in/on) manufacturing weapons. (more/more of) fire-arms were sold this year than in any previous year._____ (according to our opinion/in our opinion), far less money should be spent on weapons of all kinds. Famine and disease are global problems________ (these days/on these days). We should spend our money (for/on) education and medicine. We cannot do much to help people in times of hardship if we_______ (lack/are lacking) proper medical supplies and trained doctors and nurses. «Save the World» has already______ (made/done) a great deal to help people in many parts of the world. But there is still a great need______ (of/for) more help. If there is a nuclear war, everyone will be ____ (ef¬fected/affected). _____ (None/Nobody) will be safe. Everybody______ (has/have) to act now before it is too late. If you’re seri¬ous ___ (in/about) reducing the risk of war, join us now. Then we shall be able to succeed_______ (to bring/in bringing) peace and stability to the world. (Shortly/In short), only world peace can bring people together.

    2. Choose the one word or a phrase that best completes the sentence.

    1. The man spoke_________whisper.
    (A) with (C) in
    (B) by     (D) on
    2. I began to think ________ about my family and my home.
    (A) more and more   (C) many and many
    (B) much and much (D) most and most
    3. I wonder when they __________.
    (A) would come back   (C) come back
    (B) will come back       (D) coming back
    4. You won’t know English untill you __________ working hard
    (A) would start (C) will start
    (B) started         (D) start
    5. Neither of them ____________ to eat ice-cream.
    (A) wants   (C) have wanted
    (B) want    (D) did want
    6. It would be _________ if all policemen could be trained to use computers.
    (A) best            (C) more better
    (B) far better  (D) better
    7. There __________ a lot of snow in winter.
    (A) be        (C) is
    (B) —         (D) are
    8. I was embarrassed ____________ what my brother had done.
    (A) by      (C) for
    (B) —       (D) with
    9. That man __________ to make trouble since he came to us.
    (A) is trying               (C) tries
    (B) has been trying  (D) have tried
    10. If I continue with my diet I _______10 kg. by the end of the month
    (A) shall have lost (C) lose
    (B) shall lose          (D) lost

    11 . my surprise, she suddenly grabbed my arm.
    (A) In       (C) At
    (B) With (D) To
    12. When I entered the room nobody there.
    (A) it was             (C) there was
    (B) there wasn’t (D) there were
    13. Yesterday I saw a good film on television. .
    (A) And my sister   (C) So did my sister
    (B) My sister too     (D) So does my sister
    14. I didn’t want blue gloves, but she said they would look very pretty on a hand mine.
    (A) as     (C) such
    (B) like  (D) so as
    15. She the packages on the table and then
    down to rest an hour after shopping.
    (A) layed … lie   (C) lied … lay
    (B) laid … lay    (D) laid … lain
    16 . she speak good French?
    (A) Hasn’t   (C) Isn’t
    (B) Don’t     (D) Doesn’t
    17. You’re still guessing. You have to study for these questions,
    (A) don’t you     (C) have you
    (B) haven’t you (D) do you
    18. Well, it took before my daughter showed me
    her mark on her test.
    (A) hour    (C) an hour
    (B) a hour (D) the hour
    19. If you you will be successful.
    (A) studied    (C) study
    (B) are study (D) will study
    20. The dinner smells .
    (A) well     (C) the better
    (B) good    (D) the best

    3. Translate from Russian into English.

    1. Я с трудом могу понять тему своего будущего доклада.
    2. Я видел телепередачу в которой выступал знаменитый ученый получивший Нобелевскую премию.
    3. По всем штатам было обьявлено штормовое предупреждение.
    4. К тому времени как пикник закончился все увидели что дождь прекратился.
    5. Я уверен что данный курс лечения обязательно поможет твоему отцу.
    6. К следующему понедельнику нам обязательно сообщат результаты контрольной по русскому языку.
    7. Джон увидел как ее лицо побледнело после того как он сообщил последние новости.
    8. Не разрешайте детям играть на дороге это очень опасно.
    9. Придя домой он сообщил детям что они идут в зоопарк.
    10. Нет ничего приятнее на свете чем добиться поставленной цели.

    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест № 19.

    Use the correct tense forms.

    ALAN: So what are you doing these days Sally? I haven’t see you_____ (for/since) ages. The last time was at John’s

    party____ (above/over) three years ago.
    SALLY: Well actually, I’m still studying. After finishing my first degree I stayed on to do ______ (a/an MSc).
    ALAN: Oh, so you’re still at (OxfordUniversity/the Oxford University). You must (know/to know) Oxford very well by now.
    SALLY: That’s right. But as soon as I_______ (finish/will finish) my MSc, I plan to go to America.
    ALAN: Oh, really? Why do you want to go to________ (the USA/USA)?
    SALLY: Basically because I’d like to do some________ (research/researches) into the American fast food
    industry. And with a little luck, I might even be offered a________ (job/work) there.
    ALAN: And how does your boyfriend David feel about it? Does he want_______(that you should go/you to go)?
    SALLY: David doesn’t mind at all — as long as I________ (take/shall take)!

    Translate from Russian into English.

    1.Вы сделали уроки вчера, перед тем как пойти на прогулку?
    2. Гости не знали, что эту гостиницу строили уже несколько лет, когда они приехали в Архангельск.
    3. Как сообщает информационные каналы, встреча глав государств подходит к концу.
    4. Как прошло ваше собеседование в этой компании?
    5. Давай полетим рейсом, который отправляется в 20.00 тогда мы прибудем в Москву к 19.00.
    6. Почему ты не позвонил мне, перед тем как отправиться в командировку,
    7. По прогнозам синоптиков лето будет самым жарким за последние 100 лет.
    8. Перед тем как полететь в Исландию я тщательно просмотрел прогноз погоды на будущую неделю.
    9. Каким спортом ты занимался в школе, перед тем как поступить в университет?
    10. Перед тем как поступить в МГИМО Петр был самым успешным учеником в нашем классе.


    1 ._______ cake isn’t good for you.
    (A) Too much       (C) Too more
    (B) Too many        (D) Too most
    2. You will enjoy your stay here if you________ to our
    street signs.
    (A) will pay attention        (C) pay attention
    (B) will give attention       (D) give attention
    3. I really like hot porridge_________.
    (A) And she does              (C) She also does
    (B) So does she                 (D) As she does
    4. I am better_______ cooking than my sister.
    (A) on                               (C) with
    (B) at                                (D) —
    5. Brazil is________ largest country in the world.
    (A) the fiveth                (C) five
    (B) fifth                         (D) the fifth
    6.________ a bicycle can be very dangerous.
    (A) To taxi                   (C) To ride
    (B) To fly                     (D) To drive
    7. Children________ not to throw litter in the play-area.
    (A) request                (C) requested
    (B) are requested     (D) are requesting
    8. She has________ .
    (A) beautiful hair        (C) the beautiful hair
    (B) a beautiful hair     (D) beautiful hairs
    9. I bought________ bread and cheese yesterday.
    (A) any                        (C) some
    (B) not                        (D) a
    10. I am looking_______ extra work.
    (A) at                           (C) on
    (B) for                         (D) —
    11. It’s a magazine about computers and their________on our lives.
    (A) efects                    (C) affects
    (B) effects                   (D) afects
    12.I want______ books.
    (A) this                       (C) that
    (B) ones                     (D) these
    13. The restaurant is closed because the cook____to hospital.
    (A) is taken                (C) was being taken
    (B) has been taken    (D) took
    14. He always_______them to call the police.
    (A) advises                 (C) advices
    (B) advice                   (D) advise
    15._______these cherries too sour?
    (A) aren’t                  (C) don’t
    (B) isn’t                    (D) doesn’t
    16.I was about_______when the telephone rang.
    (A) be left               (C) leave
    (B) to leave            (D) leaving
    17. It’s the______cathedral in Moscow.
    (A) longest            (C) farthest
    (B) furthest           (D) tallest
    18. Have I said something_________?
    (A) wrong            (C) wronger
    (B) wrongly         (D) the wrong
    19. The dinner smells______.
    (A) nicely           (C) well
    (B) good             (D) the better
    20. He doesn’t like sitting in the smoking compartment,______?
    (A) isn’t he         (C) does he
    (B) he doesn’t    (D) doesn’t he

    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены.Тест № 18.

    Выберите модальный глагол, соответствующий данному предложению.

    1. It was a through train, so we … to change trains.
    1.mustn’t 2.hadn’t 3.didn’t have 4.couldn’t
    2. You … to check the weather before starting off.
    1. should 2.ought 3 can 4. might
    3. Don’t forget that we … to meet in the evening
    l.must 2.could 3. are 4. might
    4. You … find him there.
    1. may 2.are allowed 3.are able 4.have
    5. She … to catch the 8.15 bus.
    l.must 2.won’t be able 3.needn’t 4.should
    6. He isn’t here, he … have forgotten about our appointment, l.can 2. should 3. may 4.could
    7. The film … to begin in a few minutes.
    l. is 2.must 3.have 4.should
    8. You … have sent the telegramme.
    1.ought 2.needn’t 3.were 4.are allowed
    9. I … to stay at home yesterday.
    1. could 2.must 3.had 4. have
    10. We … all try to find a solution to the problem,
    l.have 2.must 3.are able 4.are
    11. He isn’t in. He … be out for lunch.
    1. has 2.is able 3.must 4.need

    12. You … to read this book in the original.
    I are 2. must 3.can 4. may
    13. You … drive alone at night.
    1. shouldn’t 2.haven’t 3.ought 4. aren’t
    14. He is late, the car … have broken down again.
    1. ought 2.could 3.should 4.must
    15. You … help me, 1 can do it myself.
    1. don’t have 2. are 3. needn’t 4. ought
    16. She … to join you tomorrow.
    I. can 2. will be able 3. might 4. could
    17. The train … to leave at 11 o’clock.
    l.must 2. is 3. should 4. could
    18. You … call on him tomorrow.
    l.are 2. have 3. will be able 4. should
    19. You … be lucky enough to buy tickets for tonight’s performance.
    1. might 2. ought 3. need 4. have
    20. You … to use personal computers on a plane.
    1. can’t 2. are not allowed 3. needn’t 4. shouldn’t
    21. I … buy a newspaper because the shop wasn’t open,
    1.needn’t 2. couldn’t 3. didn’t have 4. shouldn’t
    22. He … have already left.
    1. must 2. is 3. need 4. was able
    23. You … speak to him right away.
    1. should 2. have 3. are 4. will be able

    Use the required Past tense- forms in the following sentences.

    1. He (to telephone) to his office as soon as he (to reach) his house. 2. «I (to come) as soon as I (to get) your message,» Lloyd said. 3. He always (to dislike) anybody as soon as he (to be) appointed to a position of au¬thority. 4. He (to dial) the number but (to replace) the receiver as soon as the familiar voice (to answer) the telephone. 5. David (to disappear) as soon as we (to have) breakfast. 6. As soon as I (to hear) the sound I (to know) what had happened. 7. He (to open) the letter as soon as he (to enter) the room. 8. As soon as he (to enter) I (to be) struck by the ex-pression on his face. 9. After they (to have) coffee Meg (to invite) him to go over the house. 10. She (to see) him every day after we (to arrive) in New York. 11. After we (to lunch) we (to go) and (to sit) out in the garden. 12. There (to be) another raid in the early hours of the morning after we (to go) to bed. 13. After he (to take) the girl home, he (to go) down the road to the vil¬lage. 14. I (cannot) stay in Wales after what (to happen). 15. After she (to go), Willy (to lock) the door and (to go) into the bedroom. 16. There (to be) a short silence after he (to leave).

    Translate the following sentences from russian into english.

    1. Совет директоров настаивал, чтобы г-н Джексон взял на себя руководство компанией. 2. Инвесторы потребовали, чтобы компания снизила текущие расходы. 3. Наш юрист предложил, чтобы мы возбудили судебное дело против конкурирующей компании. 4. Жильцы (tenants) побуждали хозяина дома уста-новить пожарную сигнализацию в каждой квартире. 5. Комитет решил, что больше никакие служащие не будут уволены. 6. Нам предложили не брать на себя ответственность за исход вы¬боров. 7. Нам предложили не прибегать к таким крайним ме¬рам. 8. Было приказано, чтобы полицейские были вооружены винтовками. 9. Джереми посоветовал мне не принимать это как само собой разумеющееся. 10. Джереми посоветовал, чтобы я не принимал это как само собой разумеющееся.
    Read the text and find the right answer.
    In its home country of Russia, a pancake is called a real symbol of Russian cuisine. It has gained popularity all over the world.
    Scientists belive that in early days pancake symbolized the Sun and were strongly associated with the life itself. Many early slavonic tribes used pancakes in their rituals but in modern life this tasty and very easy to cook dish symbolizes and is associated only with good mood.
    Pancakes are widely used in Russian folklore, proverbs and famous sayings it’s inseparably connected with Russian history and Russian mentality.Being purely Russian invention one can come across places where people can enjoy this dish all over the world both in the USA and Europe. The love of americans to dougnuts and apple-pie doesn’t prevent them from consuming pancakes in great amounts and nowadays it’s quite a typical picture of a customer tantalized by almost impossible choice of fillings coming with pancakes starting with standard sour cream and ending with different sorts of syrups. It’s amazing how simple and ordinary things may reflect people’s mentality and the history of nation.
    1. A pancake symbolized……
    1. The Moon
    2. The Sun
    3. The Saturn
    2. Which early tribes used pancakes in the rituals…
    1. Slavonic
    2. German
    3. Celtic
    4. Where people nowadays can eat pancakes..
    1. Only in Russia
    2. Only in Germany
    3. All over the world
    4. The love of amaricans to doughnuts..
    1. Prevents them from enjoying pancakes
    2. Doesn’t prevent them from enjoying them
    3. Doesn’t influence them at all