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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест № 20.


    World peace and order are now being seriously______ (threatened/menaced). Countries are investing too much money_________ (in/on) manufacturing weapons. (more/more of) fire-arms were sold this year than in any previous year._____ (according to our opinion/in our opinion), far less money should be spent on weapons of all kinds. Famine and disease are global problems________ (these days/on these days). We should spend our money (for/on) education and medicine. We cannot do much to help people in times of hardship if we_______ (lack/are lacking) proper medical supplies and trained doctors and nurses. «Save the World» has already______ (made/done) a great deal to help people in many parts of the world. But there is still a great need______ (of/for) more help. If there is a nuclear war, everyone will be ____ (ef¬fected/affected). _____ (None/Nobody) will be safe. Everybody______ (has/have) to act now before it is too late. If you’re seri¬ous ___ (in/about) reducing the risk of war, join us now. Then we shall be able to succeed_______ (to bring/in bringing) peace and stability to the world. (Shortly/In short), only world peace can bring people together.

    2. Choose the one word or a phrase that best completes the sentence.

    1. The man spoke_________whisper.
    (A) with (C) in
    (B) by     (D) on
    2. I began to think ________ about my family and my home.
    (A) more and more   (C) many and many
    (B) much and much (D) most and most
    3. I wonder when they __________.
    (A) would come back   (C) come back
    (B) will come back       (D) coming back
    4. You won’t know English untill you __________ working hard
    (A) would start (C) will start
    (B) started         (D) start
    5. Neither of them ____________ to eat ice-cream.
    (A) wants   (C) have wanted
    (B) want    (D) did want
    6. It would be _________ if all policemen could be trained to use computers.
    (A) best            (C) more better
    (B) far better  (D) better
    7. There __________ a lot of snow in winter.
    (A) be        (C) is
    (B) —         (D) are
    8. I was embarrassed ____________ what my brother had done.
    (A) by      (C) for
    (B) —       (D) with
    9. That man __________ to make trouble since he came to us.
    (A) is trying               (C) tries
    (B) has been trying  (D) have tried
    10. If I continue with my diet I _______10 kg. by the end of the month
    (A) shall have lost (C) lose
    (B) shall lose          (D) lost

    11 . my surprise, she suddenly grabbed my arm.
    (A) In       (C) At
    (B) With (D) To
    12. When I entered the room nobody there.
    (A) it was             (C) there was
    (B) there wasn’t (D) there were
    13. Yesterday I saw a good film on television. .
    (A) And my sister   (C) So did my sister
    (B) My sister too     (D) So does my sister
    14. I didn’t want blue gloves, but she said they would look very pretty on a hand mine.
    (A) as     (C) such
    (B) like  (D) so as
    15. She the packages on the table and then
    down to rest an hour after shopping.
    (A) layed … lie   (C) lied … lay
    (B) laid … lay    (D) laid … lain
    16 . she speak good French?
    (A) Hasn’t   (C) Isn’t
    (B) Don’t     (D) Doesn’t
    17. You’re still guessing. You have to study for these questions,
    (A) don’t you     (C) have you
    (B) haven’t you (D) do you
    18. Well, it took before my daughter showed me
    her mark on her test.
    (A) hour    (C) an hour
    (B) a hour (D) the hour
    19. If you you will be successful.
    (A) studied    (C) study
    (B) are study (D) will study
    20. The dinner smells .
    (A) well     (C) the better
    (B) good    (D) the best

    3. Translate from Russian into English.

    1. Я с трудом могу понять тему своего будущего доклада.
    2. Я видел телепередачу в которой выступал знаменитый ученый получивший Нобелевскую премию.
    3. По всем штатам было обьявлено штормовое предупреждение.
    4. К тому времени как пикник закончился все увидели что дождь прекратился.
    5. Я уверен что данный курс лечения обязательно поможет твоему отцу.
    6. К следующему понедельнику нам обязательно сообщат результаты контрольной по русскому языку.
    7. Джон увидел как ее лицо побледнело после того как он сообщил последние новости.
    8. Не разрешайте детям играть на дороге это очень опасно.
    9. Придя домой он сообщил детям что они идут в зоопарк.
    10. Нет ничего приятнее на свете чем добиться поставленной цели.

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