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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест №19. Ответы.

    Use the correct tense forms.

    ALAN: So what are you doing these days Sally? I haven’t seen you for ages. The last time was at John’s party over three years ago.
    SALLY: Well actually, I’m still studying. After finishing my first degree I stayed on to do a MSc.
    ALAN: Oh, so you’re still at Oxford University. You must know Oxford very well by now.
    SALLY: That’s right. But as soon as I finish my MSc, I plan to go to America.
    ALAN: Oh, really? Why do you want to go to the USA?
    SALLY: Basically because I’d like to do some research into the American fast food
    industry. And with a little luck, I might even be offered a job there.
    ALAN: And how does your boyfriend David feel about it? Does he want that you should go?
    SALLY: David doesn’t mind at all — as long as I take him!


    1._______ cake isn’t good for you.

    (A) Too much       (C) Too more

    (B) Too many       (D) Too most

    2. You will enjoy your stay here if you________ to our
    street signs.
    (A) will pay attention        (C) pay attention
    (B) will give attention       (D) give attention
    3. I really like hot porridge_________.
    (A) And she does               (C) She also does
    (B) So does she                  (D) As she does
    4. I am better_______ cooking than my sister.
    (A) on                                 (C) with
    (B) at                                  (D) —
    5. Brazil is________ largest country in the world.
    (A) the fiveth                     (C) five
    (B) fifth                              (D) the fifth
    6.________ a bicycle can be very dangerous.
    (A) To taxi                          (C) To ride
    (B) To fly                            (D) To drive
    7. Children________ not to throw litter in the play-area.
    (A) request                         (C) requested
    (B) are requested               (D) are requesting
    8. She has________ .
    (A) beautiful hair               (C) the beautiful hair
    (B) a beautiful hair            (D) beautiful hairs
    9. I bought________ bread and cheese yesterday.
    (A) any                                 (C) some
    (B) not                                 (D) a
    10. I am looking_______ extra work.
    (A) at                                   (C) on
    (B) for                                  (D) —
    11. It’s a magazine about computers and their________on our lives.
    (A) efects                           (C) affects
    (B) effects                          (D) afects
    12.I want______ books.
    (A) this                              (C) that
    (B) ones                            (D) these
    13. The restaurant is closed because the cook____to hospital.
    (A) is taken                       (C) was being taken
    (B) has been taken           (D) took
    14. He always_______them to call the police.
    (A) advises                        (C) advices
    (B) advice                          (D) advise
    15._______these cherries too sour?
    (A) aren’t                           (C) don’t
    (B) isn’t                             (D) doesn’t
    16.I was about_______when the telephone rang.
    (A) be left                          (C) leave
    (B) to leave                        (D) leaving
    17. It’s the______cathedral in Moscow.
    (A) longest                       (C) farthest
    (B) furthest                      (D) tallest
    18. Have I said something_________?
    (A) wrong                       (C) wronger
    (B) wrongly                    (D) the wrong
    19. The dinner smells______.
    (A) nicely                       (C) well
    (B) good                        (D) the better
    20. He doesn’t like sitting in the smoking compartment,______?
    (A) isn’t he                    (C) does he
    (B) he doesn’t               (D) doesn’t he

    postheadericon Подготовительный тест №18. Ответы.

    Выберите модальный глагол, соответствующий данному предложению.

    1. It was a through train, so we … to change trains.
    1.mustn’t 2.hadn’t 3.didn’t have 4.couldn’t
    2. You … to check the weather before starting off.
    1. should 2.ought 3 can 4. might
    3. Don’t forget that we … to meet in the evening
    1.must 2.could 3. are 4. might
    4. You … find him there.
    1. may 2.are allowed 3.are able 4.have
    5. She … to catch the 8.15 bus.
    1.must 2.won’t be able 3.needn’t 4.should
    6. He isn’t here, he … have forgotten about our appointment,
    1.can 2. should 3. may 4.could
    7. The film … to begin in a few minutes.
    1. is 2.must 3.have 4.should
    8. You … have sent the telegramme.
    1.ought 2.needn’t 3.were 4.are allowed
    9. I … to stay at home yesterday.
    1. could 2.must 3.had 4. have
    10. We … all try to find a solution to the problem,
    1.have 2.must 3.are able 4.are
    11. He isn’t in. He … be out for lunch.
    1. has 2.is able 3.must 4.need
    12. You … to read this book in the original.
    1. are 2. must 3.can 4. may
    13. You … drive alone at night.
    1. shouldn’t 2.haven’t 3.ought 4. aren’t
    14. He is late, the car … have broken down again.
    1. ought 2.could 3.should 4.must
    15. You … help me, 1 can do it myself.
    1. don’t have 2. are 3. needn’t 4. ought
    16. She … to join you tomorrow.
    I. can 2. will be able 3. might 4. could
    17. The train … to leave at 11 o’clock.
    l.must 2. is 3. should 4. could
    18. You … call on him tomorrow.
    l.are 2. have 3. will be able 4. should
    19. You … be lucky enough to buy tickets for tonight’s performance.
    1. might 2. ought 3. need 4. have
    20. You … to use personal computers on a plane.
    1. can’t 2. are not allowed 3. needn’t 4. shouldn’t
    21. I … buy a newspaper because the shop wasn’t open,
    1.needn’t 2. couldn’t 3. didn’t have 4. shouldn’t
    22. He … have already left.
    1. must 2. is 3. need 4. was able
    23. You … speak to him right away.
    1. should 2. have 3. are 4. will be able

    Use the required Past tense- forms in the following sentences.

    1. He telephoned to his office as soon as he reached his house. 2. «I came as soon as I  got your message,» Lloyd said. 3. He always disliked anybody as soon as he had been appointed to a position of authority. 4. He dialed the number but replaced the receiver as soon as the familiar voice answered the telephone. 5. David disappeared as soon as we had had breakfast. 6. As soon as I heard the sound I knew what had happened. 7. He opened the letter as soon as he entered the room. 8. As soon as he entered I was struck by the expression on his face. 9. After they  had had coffee Meg invited him to go over the house. 10. She saw him every day after he had arrived in New York. 11. After we had lunch we went and sat out in the garden. 12. There was another raid in the early hours of the morning after we had gone to bed. 13. After he had taken the girl home, he went down the road to the village. 14. I could not stay in Wales after what had happened. 15. After she had gone, Willy locked the door and went into the bedroom. 16. There was a short silence after he had left.

    postheadericon Подготовительный тест №17.Ответы.

    1. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

    1 They____________ the Olympic Stadium by 2007.
    (A) are building              (C) will have built
    (B) had built                   (D) have built
    2. Would you please________________ write on the textbooks’.’
    (A) don’t                           (C) not to
    (B) not                             (D) to not
    3. I look forward_____________ from you soon.
    (A) to hearing                 (C) hearing
    (B) to hear                         (D) to get a letter
    4. The talks will_____________ in Paris.
    (A) take part                    (C) be hold
    (B) be held                       (D) took place
    5. The plane safely landed_________ two mountains.
    (A) among                       (C) at the foot
    (B) nearly                        (D) between
    6. We’ll be there as soon as we_________ a babysitter for our son.
    (A) find                            (C) found
    (B) will find                     (D) would find
    7. They are______________ my other neighbours.
    (A) more friendlier than                (C) friendlier than
    (B) friendly than                             (D) friendlier as
    8. I am especially glad that Bob decided to come to the party because we hadn’t seen him________ several months.
    (A) since                          (C) many
    (B) until                           (D) for
    9. We don’t have_____________ homework tonight.
    (A) some                          (C) many
    (B ) no                             (D) any
    10. I like him. He makes me____________ •
    (A) laughing                     (C) to laugh
    (B) laugh                         (D) being laughed

    2. Use the required Tense forms.

    1. When he saw Bob, he came straight to him, smiling. 2. When Jimmy came to the cafe a little late, Christine had not  arrived yet. 3. When Ted turned to thank the doctor, he had already gone away. 4. When she was going she carried herself like a ballet dancer. 5. We had not walked a hundred yards towards the building when the doctor all of a sudden knelt down. 6. One afternoon I went to play tennis with some neighbours and as soon as I returned my mother had disappeared. 7. When she spoke, she seemed kind and generous. 8. When I  came to Hugh’s room he was lying at his sofa reading a small book. 9. When Paula had tidied up she left the room. 10. I  saw her on the beach when I was finishing my early walk. 11. When he finished speaking, everyone was clapping. 12. I had completed a big project when I called her yesterday. 13. The actors had been acting for about twenty minutes when Ann  found his seat at the back of the pit. 14. When Jack  looked back, the Holts were dancing cheek to cheek. 15. «How do you like that?» he asked her when he had finished painting. 16. When she came back, he was eating the sandwiches. 17. I was watching the TV when she arrived. 18. When Theo went for a walk he looked exclusively at his own feet. 19. I had not walked very far from the corner when I noticed there was a stranger behind me. 20. When they had left I headed for to the woods. 21. I was getting out a box of matches when he offered me a light. 22. She had not  spoken to me five minutes when she received a telephone call.

    postheadericon Подготовительный тест №16. Ответы.


    As the years passed my fame as a writer grew, and I became rich.
    Agnes and I had been married ten happy years. One evening in spring, when we were sitting by the fire in our house in London and three of our children were playing in the room, a servant announced the arrival of a stranger. “Is he here on a matter of business? “ I asked. “No, he has come for the pleasure of seeing you”, said the servant. “He is an old man and he looks like a farmer”. The children were eager to see the mysterious visitor. “Let him come in here”, I said.
    There soon appeared in the doorway a sturdy, grey-haired, old man. “Why, it is Mr. Peggotty!” Cried Agnes as she embraced him. Once our first, happy greetings were over, Mr. Peggotty sat before the fire with the children on his knees.”The years pass and I do not to grow younger”, he said, “and it always has been on my mind that I must come and see Mas’r Davy before I got to be too old”. “And now tell us, how you have fared in Australia. And Emily? ”Said Agnes and I together. «Perhaps life was a little hard at first. The news of Ham’s death had saddened Emily. She was very deppressed for a time but her farm work kept her busy. And now, in addition to taking fond care of her uncle, my Emily spends her time teaching children and tending the sick and needy”, he said.


    1. I saw a film entirely different from anything I________ before.
    (A) saw              (C) see
    (B) had seen   (D) have seen
    2. What is the text________?
    (A) are you translating    (C) do you translate
    (B) you translate              (D) you are translating
    3. You won’t hear________ of me this week.
    (A) more                           (C) much
    (B) the most                     (D) many
    4. There________ some paper left.
    (A) are                               (C) is
    (B) be                                (D) will
    5. I don’t know if I________ to the theatre with you.
    (A) go                               (C) have gone
    (B) will go                      (D) going
    6. He didn’t wear glasses_______ for watching TV.
    (A) besides                      (C) along
    (B) beside                        (D) except
    7. She_______ she didn’t like milk.
    (A) said                           (C) spoke
    (B) told                            (D) talked
    8. Don’t worry about_______.
    (A) oneself                     (C) yourself
    (B) myself                      (D) themselves
    9. In summer she never gets up at 7 o’clock in the morning,_____ ?
    (A) doesn’t she             (C) does she
    (B) isn’t she                  (D) isn’t it
    10. What performing arts do you enjoy_______?
    (A) most                        (C) best
    (B) mostly                     (D) the best