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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Ответы к тесту №22.

    I.Choose a propriate word and mark it with a circle

    1. Mary was so brilliant at school that she proved to be the youngest student who had ever been accepted by a University.
     brilliant         inspired       keen           proud
    2. What’s done is done. It’s useless wondering what would have happened if you had passed your examination.
    inefficient         useless        futile          helpless
    3. Peter has hardly done any work this month !
    effort             job            work             labour
    4. She recovered after ilness.
    disease        misunderstanding        illness               sickness
    5. It’s well-known that drinking can do you great harm.
    damage      ganger        misfortune         harm
    6. I’d like to draw your attention to this interesting man.
    attract        draw            pay                 invite
    7. I felt a sharp pain when I fell on the floor.
    hurt          pain              ache                harm

    II. Fill the gaps with prepositions and adverbs.

    2. In the evening he usually buys a newspaper and looks through it on his way to his home.
    3. You should apologize to her for bothering her at work.
    4. The elderly people spent their time looking after their grandchildren.
    5. What about taking a week off and spending it in the countryside.
    6. I explained to him that it was obligatory in this country to follow driving rules.
    7. It’ always easy to find fault with another person. They could at least find out why she is often late for clases.
    8. She and her family succeded in escaping from earthquake.

    III. Use the appropriate form of the verb in brackets.

    I came to England in the middle of August. I had been informed that England was cloaked in mist all year round, so I was quite puzzled to discover that it had just rained. I asked another passenger, a british person, about the mist and he told me that there had not been rained since the previous March. If I wished the mist, he said, I had arrived at completely wrong time. However, he informed me that I could purchased tinned mist in the local store in Lonslide Street. He acknowledged that he had never bought mist there himself but persuaded me that they sold the best quality fog and that it was not dear. I think he was joking.

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