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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест № 22

        I.    Choose a propriate word and mark it         with a circle

    1. Mary was so_____at school that she proved to be the youngest student who had ever been accepted by a University.

    brilliant            inspired                keen                         proud

    1. What’s done is done. It’s _______ wondering what would have happened if you had passed your examination.

    inefficient           useless             futile                  helpless

    1. Peter has hardly done any _______ this month!

    effort                   job                   work                    labour

    1. She recovered after ________.

    disease         misunderstanding        illness       sickness

    1. It’s well-known that drinking can do you great _______.

    damage          ganger         misfortune              harm

    1. I’d like to ______ your attention to this interesting man.

    attract                  draw                 pay            invite

    1. I felt a sharp ______ when I fell on the floor.

    hurt                     pain                   ache             harm

    II. Fill the gaps with prepositions and adverbs.

    1. _______the evening he usually buys a newspaper and looks ____ it ______ his way_____ his home.
    2. You should apologize _____ her ______ bothering her _____ work.
    3. The elderly people spent ______ their time looking _____ their grandchildren.
    4. What ______ taking a week _____ and spending it ___the countryside.
    5. I explained _____ him that it was obligatory ___ this country to follow driving rules.
    6. It’ always easy to find fault ______ another person. They could ______ least find ______ why she is often late ____ clases.
    7. She and her family succeded _________ escaping ______ earthquake.


    III. Use the appropriate form of the verb in brackets.

    I came to England in the middle of August. I (to be informed) (1) ________that England (be) (2) ______ cloaked in mist all year round, so I (be) (3) _______ quite puzzled to discover that it just (rain) (4) _________I (ask) another passenger, a british person, about the mist and he (tell) me (6)_______ that there  (not rain) (7) _______ since the previous March. If I (wish) (8) _______ the mist, he said, I (arrive) (9) _______ at completely wrong time. However, he (inform) (10) _______ me that I (can purchase) (11) tinned mist in the local store in Lonslide Street. He (acknowledge) (12) ______ that he never (buy) (13) ______ mist there himself but (persuade) (14) _______ me that they (sell) (15) ____ the best quality fog and that it (not be) (16) ______dear. I think he ( joke) (17) _____.

    IV. Translate from Russian into English.

    1. Ты ее хорошо знаешь?
    2. –Конечно. Она здесь работает уже двадцать лет. Когда она приехала она была еще молодой девушкой.
    3. Мы с вашей сестрой говорили сегодня об этом. Поэтому я и пришел к вам сегодня,
    4. Машина все еще там?- Да. Они уже три часа пытаются ее завести.
    5. Как ты себя чувствуешь? Немного устала. Весь день копала огород.

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