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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест №19. Ответы.

    Use the correct tense forms.

    ALAN: So what are you doing these days Sally? I haven’t seen you for ages. The last time was at John’s party over three years ago.
    SALLY: Well actually, I’m still studying. After finishing my first degree I stayed on to do a MSc.
    ALAN: Oh, so you’re still at Oxford University. You must know Oxford very well by now.
    SALLY: That’s right. But as soon as I finish my MSc, I plan to go to America.
    ALAN: Oh, really? Why do you want to go to the USA?
    SALLY: Basically because I’d like to do some research into the American fast food
    industry. And with a little luck, I might even be offered a job there.
    ALAN: And how does your boyfriend David feel about it? Does he want that you should go?
    SALLY: David doesn’t mind at all — as long as I take him!


    1._______ cake isn’t good for you.

    (A) Too much       (C) Too more

    (B) Too many       (D) Too most

    2. You will enjoy your stay here if you________ to our
    street signs.
    (A) will pay attention        (C) pay attention
    (B) will give attention       (D) give attention
    3. I really like hot porridge_________.
    (A) And she does               (C) She also does
    (B) So does she                  (D) As she does
    4. I am better_______ cooking than my sister.
    (A) on                                 (C) with
    (B) at                                  (D) —
    5. Brazil is________ largest country in the world.
    (A) the fiveth                     (C) five
    (B) fifth                              (D) the fifth
    6.________ a bicycle can be very dangerous.
    (A) To taxi                          (C) To ride
    (B) To fly                            (D) To drive
    7. Children________ not to throw litter in the play-area.
    (A) request                         (C) requested
    (B) are requested               (D) are requesting
    8. She has________ .
    (A) beautiful hair               (C) the beautiful hair
    (B) a beautiful hair            (D) beautiful hairs
    9. I bought________ bread and cheese yesterday.
    (A) any                                 (C) some
    (B) not                                 (D) a
    10. I am looking_______ extra work.
    (A) at                                   (C) on
    (B) for                                  (D) —
    11. It’s a magazine about computers and their________on our lives.
    (A) efects                           (C) affects
    (B) effects                          (D) afects
    12.I want______ books.
    (A) this                              (C) that
    (B) ones                            (D) these
    13. The restaurant is closed because the cook____to hospital.
    (A) is taken                       (C) was being taken
    (B) has been taken           (D) took
    14. He always_______them to call the police.
    (A) advises                        (C) advices
    (B) advice                          (D) advise
    15._______these cherries too sour?
    (A) aren’t                           (C) don’t
    (B) isn’t                             (D) doesn’t
    16.I was about_______when the telephone rang.
    (A) be left                          (C) leave
    (B) to leave                        (D) leaving
    17. It’s the______cathedral in Moscow.
    (A) longest                       (C) farthest
    (B) furthest                      (D) tallest
    18. Have I said something_________?
    (A) wrong                       (C) wronger
    (B) wrongly                    (D) the wrong
    19. The dinner smells______.
    (A) nicely                       (C) well
    (B) good                        (D) the better
    20. He doesn’t like sitting in the smoking compartment,______?
    (A) isn’t he                    (C) does he
    (B) he doesn’t               (D) doesn’t he

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