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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест № 19.

    Use the correct tense forms.

    ALAN: So what are you doing these days Sally? I haven’t see you_____ (for/since) ages. The last time was at John’s

    party____ (above/over) three years ago.
    SALLY: Well actually, I’m still studying. After finishing my first degree I stayed on to do ______ (a/an MSc).
    ALAN: Oh, so you’re still at (OxfordUniversity/the Oxford University). You must (know/to know) Oxford very well by now.
    SALLY: That’s right. But as soon as I_______ (finish/will finish) my MSc, I plan to go to America.
    ALAN: Oh, really? Why do you want to go to________ (the USA/USA)?
    SALLY: Basically because I’d like to do some________ (research/researches) into the American fast food
    industry. And with a little luck, I might even be offered a________ (job/work) there.
    ALAN: And how does your boyfriend David feel about it? Does he want_______(that you should go/you to go)?
    SALLY: David doesn’t mind at all — as long as I________ (take/shall take)!

    Translate from Russian into English.

    1.Вы сделали уроки вчера, перед тем как пойти на прогулку?
    2. Гости не знали, что эту гостиницу строили уже несколько лет, когда они приехали в Архангельск.
    3. Как сообщает информационные каналы, встреча глав государств подходит к концу.
    4. Как прошло ваше собеседование в этой компании?
    5. Давай полетим рейсом, который отправляется в 20.00 тогда мы прибудем в Москву к 19.00.
    6. Почему ты не позвонил мне, перед тем как отправиться в командировку,
    7. По прогнозам синоптиков лето будет самым жарким за последние 100 лет.
    8. Перед тем как полететь в Исландию я тщательно просмотрел прогноз погоды на будущую неделю.
    9. Каким спортом ты занимался в школе, перед тем как поступить в университет?
    10. Перед тем как поступить в МГИМО Петр был самым успешным учеником в нашем классе.


    1 ._______ cake isn’t good for you.
    (A) Too much       (C) Too more
    (B) Too many        (D) Too most
    2. You will enjoy your stay here if you________ to our
    street signs.
    (A) will pay attention        (C) pay attention
    (B) will give attention       (D) give attention
    3. I really like hot porridge_________.
    (A) And she does              (C) She also does
    (B) So does she                 (D) As she does
    4. I am better_______ cooking than my sister.
    (A) on                               (C) with
    (B) at                                (D) —
    5. Brazil is________ largest country in the world.
    (A) the fiveth                (C) five
    (B) fifth                         (D) the fifth
    6.________ a bicycle can be very dangerous.
    (A) To taxi                   (C) To ride
    (B) To fly                     (D) To drive
    7. Children________ not to throw litter in the play-area.
    (A) request                (C) requested
    (B) are requested     (D) are requesting
    8. She has________ .
    (A) beautiful hair        (C) the beautiful hair
    (B) a beautiful hair     (D) beautiful hairs
    9. I bought________ bread and cheese yesterday.
    (A) any                        (C) some
    (B) not                        (D) a
    10. I am looking_______ extra work.
    (A) at                           (C) on
    (B) for                         (D) —
    11. It’s a magazine about computers and their________on our lives.
    (A) efects                    (C) affects
    (B) effects                   (D) afects
    12.I want______ books.
    (A) this                       (C) that
    (B) ones                     (D) these
    13. The restaurant is closed because the cook____to hospital.
    (A) is taken                (C) was being taken
    (B) has been taken    (D) took
    14. He always_______them to call the police.
    (A) advises                 (C) advices
    (B) advice                   (D) advise
    15._______these cherries too sour?
    (A) aren’t                  (C) don’t
    (B) isn’t                    (D) doesn’t
    16.I was about_______when the telephone rang.
    (A) be left               (C) leave
    (B) to leave            (D) leaving
    17. It’s the______cathedral in Moscow.
    (A) longest            (C) farthest
    (B) furthest           (D) tallest
    18. Have I said something_________?
    (A) wrong            (C) wronger
    (B) wrongly         (D) the wrong
    19. The dinner smells______.
    (A) nicely           (C) well
    (B) good             (D) the better
    20. He doesn’t like sitting in the smoking compartment,______?
    (A) isn’t he         (C) does he
    (B) he doesn’t    (D) doesn’t he

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