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    postheadericon Контрольная № 2. Ответы к заданиям.

     I. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. _________ lovely you look in that dress!

    Such           How               What    So

    2.These cars are not as big__________ some I’ve seen in America.

    than     to    as     like

    3.Don’t ever say that to me again_________?

    do you   don’t you    will you       won’t you

    4.It is said that when people are married for a long time they even begin to look_____________

      alike     like     same      equal

    5.Dogs,______ being aggressive, can make good companions.

    although      despite      though as

    6.Andy didn’t enjoy the party,________ I did.

    neither      so         nor           but

    7._________all our work than we were given more to do.

    no sooner had we done     hardly had we done       scarcely had we done

    Barely did we do


    8. Hank________ a fabulous story about witches and goblins for the essay contest.

    made out     made up    thought through      thought over


    9. I always wake up just after the sun has__________ .

    arisen       risen        raised        rose


    10_________of the children enjoyed the party; they all found it very boring.

    neither        any       none        both


    11. She’d rather watch TV,______ ?

    hadn’t she     didn’t she       wouldn’t she         doesn’t s

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