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    postheadericon Контрольная № 1. Ответы.

    Выберите правильную грамматическую форму.

    I. Test №1.

    1. I have never worked so hard as now when I’m writing my diploma paper.

    2. Ida is beginning her classes at the University on Tuesday.

    3. A remote area in Nothern Spain was shaken by an earthquake last night. Several villages have been totally destroyed. The total extent of the damage isn’t still known but luckily few casualties have been reported as people had been warned of the danger earlier.  Victims of the earthquake are being now offered shelter in local chirches where food and drinks are being provided.

    4. When he reaches Lands End next week he will have walked 1500 miles.

    5. Scaresly had the plane taken off when the pilot had to make an emergency landing.

    6. She said that if I came back the next day, she would be able to help me.

    7. Last week we finally moved into our new house. We had been waiting to move for so long that I began to wonder if we ever would. We have been unpacking for days now and we haven’t still finished.

    8. The children complain that their parents are constantly checking up on them.

    9. That oak tree will still be standing there fifty years from now.

    10. You can borrow that car, provided that you bring it back before 9 o’clock.

    11. I wonder if they will invite James to the party if he comes to town next Sunday.

    12. When I got into the car this mornin I found that the radio had been stolen.

    II. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

    1. ________ lovely you look in that dress!

    Such           How             What    So

    1. These cars are not as big______ some I’ve seen in America.

    Than     to    as     like

    1. Don’t ever say that to me again_________?

    do  you   don’t you    will you      won’t you

    1. It is said that when people are married for a long time they even begin to look_____

             alike     like     same      equal

    1. Dogs,_____ being aggressive, can make good companions.

    although      despite      though as

    1. Andy didn’t enjoy the party,____ I did.

    neither      so         nor           but

    7._________all our work than we were given more to do.

          no sooner had we done     hardly had we done       scarcely had we done

    Barely did we do

    8. Hank______ a fabulous story about witches and goblins for the essay contest.

    made out     made up    thought through      thought over

    9. I always wake up just after the sun has_____ .

    arisen       risen        raised        rose

    10_________of the children enjoyed the party; they all found it very boring.

    neither        any       none        both

    11. She’d rather watch TV,___ ?

    hadn’t she             didn’t she       wouldn’t she         doesn’t she


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