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    postheadericon Контрольная № 1. Ответы.

    Выберите правильную грамматическую форму.

    I. Test №1.

    1. I have never worked so hard as now when I’m writing my diploma paper.

    2. Ida is beginning her classes at the University on Tuesday.

    3. A remote area in Nothern Spain was shaken by an earthquake last night. Several villages have been totally destroyed. The total extent of the damage isn’t still known but luckily few casualties have been reported as people had been warned of the danger earlier.  Victims of the earthquake are being now offered shelter in local chirches where food and drinks are being provided.

    4. When he reaches Lands End next week he will have walked 1500 miles.

    5. Scaresly had the plane taken off when the pilot had to make an emergency landing.

    6. She said that if I came back the next day, she would be able to help me.

    7. Last week we finally moved into our new house. We had been waiting to move for so long that I began to wonder if we ever would. We have been unpacking for days now and we haven’t still finished.

    8. The children complain that their parents are constantly checking up on them.

    9. That oak tree will still be standing there fifty years from now.

    10. You can borrow that car, provided that you bring it back before 9 o’clock.

    11. I wonder if they will invite James to the party if he comes to town next Sunday.

    12. When I got into the car this mornin I found that the radio had been stolen.

    II. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

    1. ________ lovely you look in that dress!

    Such           How             What    So

    1. These cars are not as big______ some I’ve seen in America.

    Than     to    as     like

    1. Don’t ever say that to me again_________?

    do  you   don’t you    will you      won’t you

    1. It is said that when people are married for a long time they even begin to look_____

             alike     like     same      equal

    1. Dogs,_____ being aggressive, can make good companions.

    although      despite      though as

    1. Andy didn’t enjoy the party,____ I did.

    neither      so         nor           but

    7._________all our work than we were given more to do.

          no sooner had we done     hardly had we done       scarcely had we done

    Barely did we do

    8. Hank______ a fabulous story about witches and goblins for the essay contest.

    made out     made up    thought through      thought over

    9. I always wake up just after the sun has_____ .

    arisen       risen        raised        rose

    10_________of the children enjoyed the party; they all found it very boring.

    neither        any       none        both

    11. She’d rather watch TV,___ ?

    hadn’t she             didn’t she       wouldn’t she         doesn’t she


    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены.Тест № 12.

    Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

    1. Put the chicken in the……for thirty minutes.

    a.cooker                 c.oven

    b.cook                    d. gas stove2.

    2.We drove out of the village along a winding…

    a.lane                          c. street

    b.path                         d. way

    3. We’ve bought a new three-room flat on the first….of this building

    a.floor                         c.story

    b.storey                       d. store

    4. Everyone agrees that the ……must be protected

    a. world                      c.nature

    b. environment         d. earth

    5. The train was in a/an…..with a lorry on a level crossing

    a. incident                   c. collision

    b. accident                   d.occasion

    6. The building workers were paid their……every Friday

    a. fees                          c. wages

    b. salary                      d. payment

    7. That small village was…….to them for years

    a. home                      c. dwelling

    b. house                      d. residence

    8. We chose the … for a suit and had it made up by our tailor.

    a.cloth                               c. clothes

    b.closes                              d. clothing

    9. He came on a two-day official ….

    a.holiday                          c. stay

    b.weekend                        d. visit

    10. Several angry drivers shook their … at me as I drove away.

    a.fists                                 c. hands

    b.arms                               d. elbows

    11. I like your new car. What… is it?

    a.brand                              c. type

    b.make                              d. mark

    12. That was fantastic. Could I have a second …, please?

    a.plate                               c. helping

    b.course                             d. portion

    13. Laura lost her case. It did not have a/an … with her name on.

    a.ticket                               c. label

    b.poster                             d. identification

    14. The yellow tie caught my … immediately.

    a.eye                                  c. sight

    b.glance                             d. glimpse

    15. Jim asked his parents if they would pay off his ….

    a.rents                                c. accounts

    b.debts                               d. credits

    16. Vincent missed his train because of the queue in the ticket…

    a.office                              c. room

    b.agency                           d. lounge

    17. We spent a … of hours resting and exploring the ruins

    a.pair                                 c. double

    b.couple                            d. two.

    18. When we entered the hall we discovered that all the … had occupied.

    a.places                             c. room

    b.seats                               d. sites

    19. I really like Harold’s new…………..

    a.dress                               c. costume

    b.suit                                  d. outfit

    20. The shop opposite my house sells a variety of… .

    a.objects                   c. goods

    b.purchases             d. productions                                »

    21. Mark came first in the 100 metre ….

    a.contest                    c. game

    b.play                        d. race

    22. If you have to travel on company business, we will pay your ….

    a.costs                        c. expenses

    b.charges                   d. needs

    23. The local stadium isn’t large enough for so many … .

    a.audience                 c. public

    b.viewers                   d. spectators

    24. The game of chess was a … , so they awarded two first prizes.

    a.draw                       c. score

    b.equal                       d. nothing

    25. When Tom goes to a party he always wears a … tie.

    a.bow                         c. ribbon

    b.butterfly                  d. knot

    26. Have you decided what to have for your main … ?

    a.plate                        c. food

    b.course                     d. helping

    27. No democracy can exist without freedom of… and freedom of the press.

    a.conversation           c. speech

    b.talk                         d. chat

    28. The TV programme gave viewers a very good … of life in this country.

    a.feeling                    c. reaction

    b.notion                     d. impression

    29. This room has such a nice … over the lake!

    a.look                         c. sight

    b.view                        d. appearance

    30. This law has been adopted by the Parliament and will soon come into ….

    a.power                     c. force

    b.strength                   d. system

    31. The building of a new plant in this district created a lot of… and helped to reduce unemployment.

    a.occupations            c. works

    b.jobs                         d. careers

    32. We had to stop for petrol at a filling ….

    a.garage                    c. pump

    b.service                    d. station

    33. Emily looked up the fastest train to Glasgow in the ….

    a.catalogue               c.dictionary

    b.timetable                d. programme

    34. Can you give me the … for this cocktail? It’s delicious.

    a.prescription             c.ingredients

    b.instructions            d. recipe

    35.We don’t have the DVD, I’m afraid. It’s out of… .

    a.order                       c. shelf

    b.stock                       d. sale

    36. The street market was full of… selling fruit and vegetables.

    a.counters                 c. tables

    b.boutiques             d. stalls

    37. At the end of the story, the hero manages to arrest the … .

    a.offenders                 c. wrongs

    b.villains                    d. evils

    38. There was field after field of golden … waving in the wind.

    a.corn                         c. grass

    b.bushes                      d. herbs

    39. There’s a … of blackbirds at the bottom of the garden.

    a.house                      c. cage

    b.home                      d. nest

    40. You can’t judge people by their ….

    a.characters               c. personalities

    b.appearances             d. looks

    41. Rosie had a terrible … with her parents last night.

    a.row                          c. argue

    b.discussion d. dispute

    42. If your camera is faulty, you should return it to the … .

    a.creator                    c. inventor

    b.manufacturer        d. builder

    43. It’s difficult to repair a car unless you have the right….

    a. gadgets                   c. appliances

    b. instruments           d. tools

    44. I bought these shoes in the sale. They were a real ….

    a. benefit                    c. bargain

    b. advantage            d. purchase

    45. If you put your money in the bank, it will earn up to 15 per cent … a year.

    a.interest                   c. deposit

    b. profit                      d. investment

    46. I gave the shop-assistant fifty euros and she gave me ten euros ….

    a. rest                          c. remains

    b. money                    d. change

    47. Too much sugar may cause tooth ….

    a. decay                     c. destroy

    b. damage                  d. break

    48. All … for the race should make their way to the track.

    a. competitors           c. contents

    b. rivals                     d. opponents

    49. There were some people waiting in the doctor’s ….

    a. office                      c. surgery

    b. waiting room        d. ward

    50. Growing public … about the cost, quality and accessibility of health care has become an important political issue.

    a. care                         c. regard

    b. concern                  d. interest

    51. She called long-distance from New York, but the … was so bad that I could hardly hear her.

    a. link                          c.join

    b. connection             d. fraction

    52. That is of course a … of taste which as you know is different for everyone.

    a. matter                     c. affair

    b. business                   d. concern

    53. I bought these jeans very cheaply in the … .

    a. bargains                 c. sales

    b. reductions              d. discounts

    54. As there was no evidence, the judge dismissed the … .

    a.trial                         c. court

    b. witness                   d. case

    55. Parents have to try hard to understand the younger ….

    a. generation c. adolescents

    b. people                     d. teenagers

    56. If you want to have your shoes mended you should go to the ….

    a.cobbler                   c. dry-cleaner’s

    b. tailor                       d. barber

    57. I simply couldn’t cope with such an enormous work ….

    a. load                        c. quantity

    b. amount                  d. volume

    58. I was on the … of leaving when the phone rang.

    a.moment                 c. point

    b. matter                     d. edge

    59. We provide our … with products made from the highest quality ingredients the market has to offer.

    a. consumers c. customers

    b. clients                     d. buyers

    60. When I left the job, I had to hand in my … three weeks before­hand.

    a. application c. notice

    b. dismissal                d. statement


    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены.Тест№ 11.

    Задание 1.

    Поставьте наречия и прилагательные в правильные формы.

    My cousin Joe likes small villages far     (1 .much)     I do. He says that life there

    is much         (2.relaxed) and people are          (3.friendly)        in the city. I don’t agree. After all people who live in the country have a lot       (4.many) problems. Many young people, like me, can (5.hard / hardly) stand living in the country. Life is

    just not as        (6.exciting) for us in the city. But        (7.bad) thing of all, when you look at the problem           (8.closer / more closely), is that there are    (9.far/many/much)    (lO.few/little) jobs there        in the city. But what annoys me

    __ (11 .much) of all is that people are too romantic about country life. And my cousin

    always speaks (12.warm / warmly) of village life. I think it sounds (13.foolish / foolishly). But

    then, (14.of / from) the two of us I am          (15.old) and       (16.experienced) and I have been living in the country twice        (17.1ong)       he has. So I know what I’m talking about. I’m (18.dead/deadly) certain he will see my point when he has lived in.the country as (19. long)

    I have. The more I live here,    (20.depressed) I become.

    Задание 2.

    Вставьте правильный предлог в пропуск.

    The hotel is(1)        Main Street,(2)      the corner of Main Street and Side Road. The reception is (3)    the right (4)         the main door. There is a taxi rank  right (5.above / ahead / in front of of / in the middle of) the hotel and (6.across / opposite / away from / past) the taxi rank there is a public car park.Now, George, (7)     8.00 I  want you to park the car (8.in / at / on / out) the car park. Greta, you will be (9)__ ____ the restaurant (10.besides/ between / beyond / next to) the hotel. Sit   (11)     a table (12.on/in/close / near) to the window, so that you could see George (13) the road.

    There is a lire exit (14)      the back of the hotel. Now, Mike, you will be (15)     the garden, (16.below / beneath / before / behind) the hotel, watching he, lire exit. We move (17)    8.15. Our man is staying (18)       room 512, (19)      the top floor.

    Ken: Hello! I’m so sorry (20)      being late. It’s been so kind (21)      you to wait. Joan: 1 was very worried (22)      you. I’ll be interested (23)      your explanation.

    К: I crashed my bike (24)     a pedestrian. (25)      first, I thought he was hurt, but I was wrong. Then a policeman came along and said I was responsible (26)        the accident and I would have to pay a fine. I wasn’t pleased             it ai all.

    J: Poor you! I’m beginning to feel sorry (28)           you

    K: Well, I told the policeman that I was very sorry (29)      the accident. J: And you really were sorry, I’m sure (30)      it.

    K: Yes, so for the next half hour, please be nice (31) me and don’t be angry (32)      me.



    Задание 3

    Выберите форму глагола, соответствующую каждому во­просительному предложению.

    1. do      2. are        3. have          4. will             5. am                 6. does

    7. has     8. did         9. was            10. is               11. had               12. were

    1. When … the article be translated?
    2. How long … she been working as a secretary?
    3. What sentence … being translated now?
    4. … you go out last night?
    5. … he absent from the last lecture?
    6. When … you going to take your next exam?
    7. How long … he been waiting before you came?
    8. It is not easy to learn English,… it?
    9. … you changed your mind?
    10. … they still be working at 6 o’clock?
    11. He hasn’t arrived yet, … he?
    12. … you be able to come to the party?
    13.  Who … television invented by?
    14. How  low long … you been waiting for the bus?
    15.  What … your parents doing when you came home
    16. … you sure that the last bus leaves at 6 p.m.?
    17.  What European countries … he been to?
    18. … wrestling a dangerous sport?
    19. … you go to a rock concert last Sunday?
    20. … your boss already left when you arrived?
    21. … she making an apple-pie now?
    22. … you enjoy your present job?
    23. … Ihey get married 5 years ago?
    24. … the fire caused by the electric fault?
    25. Who … cooking dinner when she entered the kitchen?
    26. … they present at the meeting last night?
    27. .. he worked much this week?
    28. When … this book translated into French?
    29. … you finished your work?
    30. When … you leaving?
    31. … they be here at 6 o’clock?
    32. … you having dinner when 1 called?
    33. How many years ago … he leave Great Britain?
    34. .. the house painted last year?
    35. Who … making a report now?
    36. They haven’t signed the agreement, … they?
    37. … she in when you came to see her?
    38. How long … you been working for this firm?
    39. … you call me when you return?
    40. … you watch a new TV show yesterday?
    41. Who . . . studying in the library now?
    42. … it snowing when you left home?
    43. … he been working hard for the last three months?
    44. … there be a conference in a week?
    45. You didn’t have to stand in a long queue, … you?
    46. Where… you living when you started school?
    47. When … the window broken?
    48. .. she been writing the book all these years?
    49. … you buy this CD last week?
    50. … she ever watched a baseball game?
    51.  … they leaving for the USA next week?
    52. What time … you be baek tonight?
    53. What … you doing when your computer stopped?
    54. Where … you spend your last holiday?
    55. How long … they been selling software?
    56. You weren’t listening, … you?
    57. How many tennis courts … there be in this leisure center?
    58. … it foggy the other day?
    59. .. he published his book by the end of the year?
    60. … you be having an English lesson at 2 o’clock?
    61. How many people . . . you invited to the party?
    62. Who … seen my gloves?
    63. … you surprised when you met him?
    64. … he speaking on the phone when you entered?
    65. What… she do when we arrived?
    66. .. the film started when you got to the cinema?
    67. When … the letters be posted?
    68. How long … they been discussing this matter?
    69. You arc not angry with us, … you?
    70. How much money … you spent on clothes this month?


    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены.Тест№ 10.




    1 .Smoke­­­­­­­____ from the factory chimneys.

    2. He____ the lid of the box.

    3. The river is                 after the rain.

    4. She…. her finger to her lips as a sign for silence.

    5. Their voices_______ higher and higher with excitement.

    6. The builders­______ the ceiling by six inches. 7 He was to rank of captain.

    7. The price of bread               sharply by 15 per cent.

    8. The king_____ an army.

    9. The road______ steeply from the village.

    10. There was an appeal to_____ money for victims of the disaster.

    11. The car_____ a cloud of dust as it rushed past.

    12. The house was built on___ ground.

    13. His absence_____ fears about his safety.

    14. She eventually______ to an important position in the firm.

    15. He_______ from captain to colonel in five years.

    16. There were a lot of_____ eyebrows at the news of the minister’s dismissal.

    17. My spirits______ when I heard the news. 19 The studenT mis hand in class.

    18. Tension in the region is

    19. The sun_____ in the East.

    20. Hot air

    21. The trees_____ above the roof-tops.

    22. He_____ from his knees.

    23. The temperature______ hasn’t it?

    24. She_____ to greet her guests.

    25. The people______ up against their cruel opression.

    26 A lot of famous singers are going to participate in a charity concert_____ noney for seriously ill children.

    27. According to the Bible, Jesus______ from the dead on the third day after his death.

    28. Mr Faust______ many different kinds of flowers in his garden.

    29. When the speaker failed to arrive, the chairman___to the occasion and made a very

    amusing speech himself.

    30. You are still in bed and the sun has already


    31. The new discovery has______ medical people’s interest.

    32. The children’s long absence_____ their mother’s anxiety.

    33. When you decide to go on a tour, the usual luggage question

    34. We don’t want to____ their suspicion that we might be interested in buying their business.

    35. A serious problem has____ which will take time to solve.

    36. Hardly had the travellers set off when the mist

    37. Some unexpected difficulties have

    38. A strong wind

    39. We____ nim from his sleep.

    40. There will be a meeting to discuss any matters_______from the recent changes in the law.

    41. Her behaviour suspicions of the police.

    42. The bank will extend your loan, should the need


    43. Hens       eggs.

    44. Alex is        in his studio, since he’s not OK.

    45. Jan      the table in the morning.

    46. If you are exhausted you should           down and have rest.

    47. Murmansk       north of Moscow.

    48. Let sleeping dogs

    49.Don’t kill the goose that             the golden eggs.

    50.The hunters were           in wait for the coming hogs.

    51.They        the wounded woman on the grass.

    52.The village          in ruins after the bombing.

    53.He wanted to be a good professional, and was learning to        bricks.

    54.The equipment was            idle because of the weather.

    55.Where do your best interests

    56.The rain quickly         the dust.

    57.The final decision         with the manager.

    58.We tried hard to understand  where the responsibility

    59.The preposal was         before the committee.

    60.If you don’t take the right decision, you’ll      yourself open to a heavy penalty.

    61.She          10 kg. eating buns and cakes.


    62.We        the equipment  on the frame.

    63.They      the unfortunate man at dawn.