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    1 .Smoke­­­­­­­____ from the factory chimneys.

    2. He____ the lid of the box.

    3. The river is                 after the rain.

    4. She…. her finger to her lips as a sign for silence.

    5. Their voices_______ higher and higher with excitement.

    6. The builders­______ the ceiling by six inches. 7 He was to rank of captain.

    7. The price of bread               sharply by 15 per cent.

    8. The king_____ an army.

    9. The road______ steeply from the village.

    10. There was an appeal to_____ money for victims of the disaster.

    11. The car_____ a cloud of dust as it rushed past.

    12. The house was built on___ ground.

    13. His absence_____ fears about his safety.

    14. She eventually______ to an important position in the firm.

    15. He_______ from captain to colonel in five years.

    16. There were a lot of_____ eyebrows at the news of the minister’s dismissal.

    17. My spirits______ when I heard the news. 19 The studenT mis hand in class.

    18. Tension in the region is

    19. The sun_____ in the East.

    20. Hot air

    21. The trees_____ above the roof-tops.

    22. He_____ from his knees.

    23. The temperature______ hasn’t it?

    24. She_____ to greet her guests.

    25. The people______ up against their cruel opression.

    26 A lot of famous singers are going to participate in a charity concert_____ noney for seriously ill children.

    27. According to the Bible, Jesus______ from the dead on the third day after his death.

    28. Mr Faust______ many different kinds of flowers in his garden.

    29. When the speaker failed to arrive, the chairman___to the occasion and made a very

    amusing speech himself.

    30. You are still in bed and the sun has already


    31. The new discovery has______ medical people’s interest.

    32. The children’s long absence_____ their mother’s anxiety.

    33. When you decide to go on a tour, the usual luggage question

    34. We don’t want to____ their suspicion that we might be interested in buying their business.

    35. A serious problem has____ which will take time to solve.

    36. Hardly had the travellers set off when the mist

    37. Some unexpected difficulties have

    38. A strong wind

    39. We____ nim from his sleep.

    40. There will be a meeting to discuss any matters_______from the recent changes in the law.

    41. Her behaviour suspicions of the police.

    42. The bank will extend your loan, should the need


    43. Hens       eggs.

    44. Alex is        in his studio, since he’s not OK.

    45. Jan      the table in the morning.

    46. If you are exhausted you should           down and have rest.

    47. Murmansk       north of Moscow.

    48. Let sleeping dogs

    49.Don’t kill the goose that             the golden eggs.

    50.The hunters were           in wait for the coming hogs.

    51.They        the wounded woman on the grass.

    52.The village          in ruins after the bombing.

    53.He wanted to be a good professional, and was learning to        bricks.

    54.The equipment was            idle because of the weather.

    55.Where do your best interests

    56.The rain quickly         the dust.

    57.The final decision         with the manager.

    58.We tried hard to understand  where the responsibility

    59.The preposal was         before the committee.

    60.If you don’t take the right decision, you’ll      yourself open to a heavy penalty.

    61.She          10 kg. eating buns and cakes.


    62.We        the equipment  on the frame.

    63.They      the unfortunate man at dawn.






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