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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены.Тест№ 11.

    Задание 1.

    Поставьте наречия и прилагательные в правильные формы.

    My cousin Joe likes small villages far     (1 .much)     I do. He says that life there

    is much         (2.relaxed) and people are          (3.friendly)        in the city. I don’t agree. After all people who live in the country have a lot       (4.many) problems. Many young people, like me, can (5.hard / hardly) stand living in the country. Life is

    just not as        (6.exciting) for us in the city. But        (7.bad) thing of all, when you look at the problem           (8.closer / more closely), is that there are    (9.far/many/much)    (lO.few/little) jobs there        in the city. But what annoys me

    __ (11 .much) of all is that people are too romantic about country life. And my cousin

    always speaks (12.warm / warmly) of village life. I think it sounds (13.foolish / foolishly). But

    then, (14.of / from) the two of us I am          (15.old) and       (16.experienced) and I have been living in the country twice        (17.1ong)       he has. So I know what I’m talking about. I’m (18.dead/deadly) certain he will see my point when he has lived in.the country as (19. long)

    I have. The more I live here,    (20.depressed) I become.

    Задание 2.

    Вставьте правильный предлог в пропуск.

    The hotel is(1)        Main Street,(2)      the corner of Main Street and Side Road. The reception is (3)    the right (4)         the main door. There is a taxi rank  right (5.above / ahead / in front of of / in the middle of) the hotel and (6.across / opposite / away from / past) the taxi rank there is a public car park.Now, George, (7)     8.00 I  want you to park the car (8.in / at / on / out) the car park. Greta, you will be (9)__ ____ the restaurant (10.besides/ between / beyond / next to) the hotel. Sit   (11)     a table (12.on/in/close / near) to the window, so that you could see George (13) the road.

    There is a lire exit (14)      the back of the hotel. Now, Mike, you will be (15)     the garden, (16.below / beneath / before / behind) the hotel, watching he, lire exit. We move (17)    8.15. Our man is staying (18)       room 512, (19)      the top floor.

    Ken: Hello! I’m so sorry (20)      being late. It’s been so kind (21)      you to wait. Joan: 1 was very worried (22)      you. I’ll be interested (23)      your explanation.

    К: I crashed my bike (24)     a pedestrian. (25)      first, I thought he was hurt, but I was wrong. Then a policeman came along and said I was responsible (26)        the accident and I would have to pay a fine. I wasn’t pleased             it ai all.

    J: Poor you! I’m beginning to feel sorry (28)           you

    K: Well, I told the policeman that I was very sorry (29)      the accident. J: And you really were sorry, I’m sure (30)      it.

    K: Yes, so for the next half hour, please be nice (31) me and don’t be angry (32)      me.



    Задание 3

    Выберите форму глагола, соответствующую каждому во­просительному предложению.

    1. do      2. are        3. have          4. will             5. am                 6. does

    7. has     8. did         9. was            10. is               11. had               12. were

    1. When … the article be translated?
    2. How long … she been working as a secretary?
    3. What sentence … being translated now?
    4. … you go out last night?
    5. … he absent from the last lecture?
    6. When … you going to take your next exam?
    7. How long … he been waiting before you came?
    8. It is not easy to learn English,… it?
    9. … you changed your mind?
    10. … they still be working at 6 o’clock?
    11. He hasn’t arrived yet, … he?
    12. … you be able to come to the party?
    13.  Who … television invented by?
    14. How  low long … you been waiting for the bus?
    15.  What … your parents doing when you came home
    16. … you sure that the last bus leaves at 6 p.m.?
    17.  What European countries … he been to?
    18. … wrestling a dangerous sport?
    19. … you go to a rock concert last Sunday?
    20. … your boss already left when you arrived?
    21. … she making an apple-pie now?
    22. … you enjoy your present job?
    23. … Ihey get married 5 years ago?
    24. … the fire caused by the electric fault?
    25. Who … cooking dinner when she entered the kitchen?
    26. … they present at the meeting last night?
    27. .. he worked much this week?
    28. When … this book translated into French?
    29. … you finished your work?
    30. When … you leaving?
    31. … they be here at 6 o’clock?
    32. … you having dinner when 1 called?
    33. How many years ago … he leave Great Britain?
    34. .. the house painted last year?
    35. Who … making a report now?
    36. They haven’t signed the agreement, … they?
    37. … she in when you came to see her?
    38. How long … you been working for this firm?
    39. … you call me when you return?
    40. … you watch a new TV show yesterday?
    41. Who . . . studying in the library now?
    42. … it snowing when you left home?
    43. … he been working hard for the last three months?
    44. … there be a conference in a week?
    45. You didn’t have to stand in a long queue, … you?
    46. Where… you living when you started school?
    47. When … the window broken?
    48. .. she been writing the book all these years?
    49. … you buy this CD last week?
    50. … she ever watched a baseball game?
    51.  … they leaving for the USA next week?
    52. What time … you be baek tonight?
    53. What … you doing when your computer stopped?
    54. Where … you spend your last holiday?
    55. How long … they been selling software?
    56. You weren’t listening, … you?
    57. How many tennis courts … there be in this leisure center?
    58. … it foggy the other day?
    59. .. he published his book by the end of the year?
    60. … you be having an English lesson at 2 o’clock?
    61. How many people . . . you invited to the party?
    62. Who … seen my gloves?
    63. … you surprised when you met him?
    64. … he speaking on the phone when you entered?
    65. What… she do when we arrived?
    66. .. the film started when you got to the cinema?
    67. When … the letters be posted?
    68. How long … they been discussing this matter?
    69. You arc not angry with us, … you?
    70. How much money … you spent on clothes this month?


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