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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 11. Ответы.

    Задание 1.

    Поставьте наречия и прилагательные в правильные формы.

    My cousin Joe likes small villages far more than I do. He says that life there

    is much more.relaxed and people are friendlier than in the city. I don’t agree. After all people who live in the country have a lot more problems. Many young people, like me, can hardly stand living in the country. Life is

    just not as exciting for us as in the city. But the worst thing of all, when you look at the problem more closely, is that there are far fewer jobs there rhan in the city. But what annoys me most of all is that people are too romantic about country life. And my cousin

    always speaks warmly of village life.I think it sounds foolish. But then, of the two of us I am the elder and the more experienced and I have been living in the country twice as long as he has. So I know what I’m talking about. I’m dead certain he will see my point when he has lived in.the country as long as I have. The more I live here,   the more depressed I become.

    Задание 2.

    Вставьте правильный предлог в пропуск.

    The hotel is in Main Street, at the corner of Main Street and Side Road. The reception is on the right of the main door. There is a taxi rank right in front of of the hotel and opposite to the taxi rank there is a public car park.Now, George, at 8.00 I want you to park the car in the car park. Greta, you will be at the restaurant (10.besides next to the hotel. Sit at a table close to the window, so that you could see George in the road.

    There is a lire exit at the back of the hotel. Now, Mike, you will be in the garden, behind the hotel, watching the, fire exit. We move at 8.15. Our man is staying in room 512, on the top floor.

    Ken: Hello! I’m so sorry for being late. It’s been so kind of you to wait. Joan: I was very worried about you. I’ll be interested in your explanation.

    К: I crashed my bike into  a pedestrian at first, I thought he was hurt, but I was wrong. Then a policeman came along and said I was responsible for the accident and I would have to pay a fine. I wasn’t pleased with it ai all.

    J: Poor you! I’m beginning to feel sorry for you

    K: Well, I told the policeman that I was very sorry about the accident.

    J: And you really were sorry, I’m sure of it.

    K: Yes, so for the next half hour, please be nice to me and don4 be angry with me.



    Задание 3

    Выберите форму глагола, соответствующую каждому во­просительному предложению.

    1. do      2. are        3. have          4. will             5. am                 6. does

    7. has     8. did         9. was            10. is               11. had               12. were


    1. When wil the article be translated?
    2. How long has she been working as a secretary?
    3. What sentence is being translated now?
    4. Did you go out last night?
    5. Was he absent from the last lecture?
    6. When are you going to take your next exam?
    7. How long had he been waiting before you came?
    8. It is not easy to learn English, is it?
    9. Have you changed your mind?
    10. Will they still be working at 6 o’clock?
    11. He hasn’t arrived yet, has he?
    12. Will you be able to come to the party?
    13.  Who was television invented by?
    14. How low long have you been waiting for the bus?
    15.  What were your parents doing when you came home
    16. Are you sure that the last bus leaves at 6 p.m.?
    17.  What European countries has he been to?
    18. Is wrestling a dangerous sport?
    19. Did you go to a rock concert last Sunday?
    20. Had your boss already left when you arrived?
    21. Is she making an apple-pie now?
    22. Do you enjoy your present job?
    23. Did Ihey get married 5 years ago?
    24. Was the fire caused by the electric fault?
    25. Who was cooking dinner when she entered the kitchen?
    26. Were they present at the meeting last night?
    27. Has he worked much this week?
    28. When was this book translated into French?
    29. Have you finished your work?
    30. When are you leaving?
    31. Will they be here at 6 o’clock?
    32. Were you having dinner when I called?
    33. How many years ago did he leave Great Britain?
    34. Was the house painted last year?
    35. Who is making a report now?
    36. They haven’t signed the agreement, have they?
    37. Was she in when you came to see her?
    38. How long have you been working for this firm?
    39. Will you call me when you return?
    40. Did you watch a new TV show yesterday?
    41. Who is studying in the library now?
    42. Was it snowing when you left home?
    43. Has he been working hard for the last three months?
    44. Will there be a conference in a week?
    45. You didn’t have to stand in a long queue, did you?
    46. Where were you living when you started school?
    47. When was the window broken?
    48. Has she been writing the book all these years?
    49. Did you buy this CD last week?
    50. Has she ever watched a baseball game?
    51.  Are they leaving for the USA next week?
    52. What time will you be back tonight?
    53. What were you doing when your computer stopped?
    54. Where did you spend your last holiday?
    55. How long have they been selling software?
    56. You weren’t listening, were you?
    57. How many tennis courts will there be in this leisure center?
    58. Was it foggy the other day?
    59. Had he published his book by the end of the year?
    60. Will you be having an English lesson at 2 o’clock?
    61. How many people have you invited to the party?
    62. Who has seen my gloves?
    63. Were you surprised when you met him?
    64. Was he speaking on the phone when you entered?
    65. What were she doing when we arrived?
    66. Had the film started when you got to the cinema?
    67. When will the letters be posted?
    68. How long have they been discussing this matter?
    69. You are not angry with us, are you?
    70. How much money have you spent on clothes this month?


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