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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 12. Ответы.

    Выберите один из предложенных вариантов ответа.

    1. Put the chicken in the……for thirty minutes.

    a.cooker                 c.oven

    b.cook                    d. gas stove.

    2. We drove out of the village along a winding…

    a.lane                          c. street

    b.path                          d. way

    3. We’ve bought a new three-room flat on the first….of this building

    a.floor                         c.story

    b.storey                       d. store

    4. Everyone agrees that the ……must be protected

    a. world                      c.nature

    b. environment           d. earth

    5. The train was in a/an…..with a lorry on a level crossing

    a. incident                    c. collision

    b. accident                   d.occasion

    6. The building workers were paid their……every Friday

    a. fees                          c. wages

    b. salary                       d. payment

    7. That small village was…….to them for years

    a. home                           c. dwelling

    b. house                           d. residence

    8. We chose the … for a suit and had it made up by our tailor.

    a.cloth                                c. clothes

    b.closes                              d. clothing

    9. He came on a two-day official ….

    a.holiday                           c.stay

    b.weekend                        d. visit

    10. Several angry drivers shook their … at me as I drove away.

    a.fists                                 c. hands

    b.arms                                d.elbows

    11. I like your new car. What… is it?

    a.brand                              c. type

    b.make                              d. mark

    12. That was fantastic. Could I have a second …, please?

    a.plate                                c. helping

    b.course                             d. portion

    13. Laura lost her case. It did not have a/an … with her name on.

    a.ticket                               c. label

    b.poster                             d. identification

    14. The yellow tie caught my … immediately.

    a.eye                                  c. sight

    b.glance                             d. glimpse

    15. Jim asked his parents if they would pay off his ….

    a.rents                                 c. accounts

    b.debts                               d. credits

    16. Vincent missed his train because of the queue in the ticket…

    a.office                              c. room

    b.agency                            d. lounge

    17. We spent a … of hours resting and exploring the ruins

    a.pair                                 c. double

    b.couple                            d. two.

    18. When we entered the hall we discovered that all the … had occupied.

    a.places                             c. room

    b.seats                               d. sites

    19. I really like Harold’s new…………..

    a.dress                               c. costume

    b.suit                                  d. outfit

    20. The shop opposite my house sells a variety of….

    a.objects                   c. goods

    b.purchases              d. productions

    21. Mark came first in the 100 metre ….

    a.contest                   c. game

    b.play                        d. race

    22. If you have to travel on company business, we will pay your ….

    a.costs                        c. expenses

    b.charges                   d. needs

    23. The local stadium isn’t large enough for so many ….

    a.audience                 c. public

    b.viewers                   d. spectators

    24. The game of chess was a …, so they awarded two first prizes.

    a.draw                       c. score

    b.equal                       d. nothing

    25. When Tom goes to a party he always wears a … tie.

    a.bow                         c. ribbon

    b.butterfly                   d. knot

    26. Have you decided what to have for your main …?

    a.plate                         c. food

    b.course                     d. helping

    27. No democracy can exist without freedom of… and freedom of the press.

    a.conversation           c. speech

    b.talk                          d. chat

    28. The TV programme gave viewers a very good … of life in this country.

    a.feeling                    c. reaction

    b.notion                     d. impression

    29. This room has such a nice … over the lake!

    a.look                         c. sight

    b.view                        d. appearance

    30. This law has been adopted by the Parliament and will soon come into ….

    a.power                      c. force

    b.strength                   d. system

    31. The building of a new plant in this district created a lot of… and helped to reduce unemployment.

    a.occupations             c. works

    b.jobs                         d. careers

    32. We had to stop for petrol at a filling ….

    a.garage                    c. pump

    b.service                    d. station

    33. Emily looked up the fastest train to Glasgow in the ….

    a.catalogue                c.dictionary

    b.timetable                d. programme

    34. Can you give me the … for this cocktail? It’s delicious.

    a.prescription             c.ingredients

    b.instructions             d. recipe

    35. We don’t have the DVD, I’m afraid. It’s out of….

    a.order                        c. shelf

    b.stock                       d. sale

    36. The street market was full of… selling fruit and vegetables.

    a.counters                 c. tables

    b.boutiques                d.stalls

    37. At the end of the story, the hero manages to arrest the ….

    a.offenders                 c. wrongs

    b.villains                    d. evils

    38. There was field after field of golden … waving in the wind.

    a.corn                          c. grass

    b.bushes                      d. herbs

    39. There’s a … of blackbirds at the bottom of the garden.

    a.house                      c. cage

    b.home                       d. nest

    40. You can’t judge people by their ….

    a.characters                  c.personalities

    b.appearances             d. looks

    41. Rosie had a terrible … with her parents last night.

    a.row                          c. argue

    b.discussion d. dispute

    42. If your camera is faulty, you should return it to the ….

    a.creator                    c. inventor

    b.manufacturer        d. builder

    43. It’s difficult to repair a car unless you have the right….

    a. gadgets                   c. appliances

    b. instruments             d. tools

    44. I bought these shoes in the sale. They were a real ….

    a. benefit                    c. bargain

    b. advantage              d. purchase

    45. If you put your money in the bank, it will earn up to 15 per cent … a year.

    a.interest                   c. deposit

    b. profit                       d. investment

    46. I gave the shop-assistant fifty euros and she gave me ten euros ….

    a. rest                          c. remains

    b. money                     d. change

    47. Too much sugar may cause tooth ….

    a. decay                     c. destroy

    b. damage                  d. break

    48. All … for the race should make their way to the track.

    a. competitors           c. contents

    b. rivals                       d. opponents

    49. There were some people waiting in the doctor’s ….

    a. office                      c. surgery

    b. waiting room          d. ward

    50. Growing public … about the cost, quality and accessibility of health care has become an important political issue.

    a. care                         c. regard

    b. concern                  d. interest

    51. She called long-distance from New York, but the … was so bad that I could hardly hear her.

    a. link                           c.join

    b. connection             d. fraction

    52. That is of course a … of taste which as you know is different for everyone.

    a. matter                       c. affair

    b. business                    d. concern

    53. I bought these jeans very cheaply in the ….

    a. bargains                 c. sales

    b. reductions              d. discounts

    54. As there was no evidence, the judge dismissed the ….

    a. trial                         c. court

    b. witness                   d. case

    55. Parents have to try hard to understand the younger ….

    a. generation               c. adolescents

    b. people                      d. teenagers

    56. If you want to have your shoes mended you should go to the ….

    a.cobbler                   c. dry-cleaner’s

    b. tailor                       d. barber

    57. I simply couldn’t cope with such an enormous work ….

    a. load                        c. quantity

    b. amount                   d. volume

    58. I was on the … of leaving when the phone rang.

    a.moment                   c. point

    b. matter                     d. edge

    59. We provide our … with products made from the highest quality ingredients the market has to offer.

    a. consumers               c. customers

    b. clients                     d. buyers

    60. When I left the job, I had to hand in my … three weeks before­hand.

    a. application            c. notice

    b. dismissal              d. statement

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