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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 9. Ответы.

    Задание №1. Поставьте правильную видовременную форму глагола.

    1.”Dоn’t takе this pсrsonally, but do уou beliеvе in lоvе аt first sight? Gаbе asked, with thе еxpгеssion of shoсkеd and tегrifiеd disbеliеf as, hе istеned to his voiсе saуing words hе had nеvеr said before and had nеvеr eхpесted tо say.

    “If you had аsked mе thаt fiivе minutеs bеfоrе…”, Jazz hеsitаtеd and lоwегed hеr еуеlids, unаЬlе to mееt his gazе.

    “Yеs? Don’t stop…” Gabе implогеd hеr. “Just sаy whаtеvеr comes into your head”.

    “Now…I am begining to wonder…”

    “Wonder what?’

    ‘If maybe it’s possible”, she whispered, overcome by a sudden new bashfulness, her chin lowered so that she was looking only at the table.

    “How would I know? Why do you expect me to know everything?” Jazz said, lifting her head.

    “Because I am crazy in love with you, I have been since the minute I saw you and it doesn’t seem possible, it has never happened to me before, so you have to tell me, it’s true”.

    “Oh …” Jazz said.

    “Are you just going to sit there and say “oh”?

    Jazz nodded, incapable of speech. She couldn’t even make a gesture. She just sat there, immobile, knowing that it was enough for her to accept these words and wait. Her hands were trembling as badly as his, but his were warm and hers were cold.

    “So that is settled. Love at first sight that’s what it’s called, that’s what has happened to us.”


    Задание №2. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. She__________English for 3 years

    had learned                   has been learning

    have been learning        was learning2.

    2.  At the moment I_________TV. There is a very good programme on

    watch                   c watched

           am watching       watches

    3. There___________ too much bad news on TV tonight.

    be                    are

    were                is

     4. I like all drinks____________cocao.

           except              instead of

    besides             after

    5. I can’t stand____________to this music.

    to listen               listening

    listen                    be listening

    6. Don’t forget to congratulate Mark_______getting the prize.

           on                       with

    for                      of

    7. She had to accept this decision__________?

    did  she           didn’t she

    hadn’t she      had she

    8. The Browns had________furniture for their apartment.

    all                          many

          enough                 any

    9. She can___________write________read.

    either….nor               neither……nor….

          neither….nor             either……and

    10. Either John or his wife__________breakfast in the morning.

    to cook                  cooking

    cook                        cooks

    11. Please make him___________to the doctor.

        go                         going

    to go                    have gone

    12. This girl is_______________than her sister

    pretty                  prettier

    much pretty       more prettier

    13. Is Helen’s daughter as pretty as________.

    your                      your’s

    your ones             yours

    14. Let’s go to the seaside,___________?

       shall we                  shan’t we

    will you                  shall us

    15. If it_______________tomorrow, I’ll stay at home.

    will rain                 rains

    rain                        rained

    16. I learnt how to____________a car whe I was 18.

    ride                          drive

    conduct                   lead

    17. They went swimming, but they didn’t enjoy________

       themselves            selves

    themsef                 oneselves

    18. What’s the weather ____________today?

    would                       so

     like                           that

    19. I____________to introduce you to my best friend Helen.

    would                      am wanting

    will like                   would like

    20. Apples and orranges_____________in this shop now.

    are selling               are being sold

    are sold                   be sold


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