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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 8. Ответы.

    I. Поставьте глаголы в нужную грамматическую форму.

    1. They usually stay at home on Friday, but tonight ia an exception as  they are going to the circus.

    2. Rita Bell is the most wonderful woman he has ever met, she’s only 20 but she has visited more then 40 various countries. Two years ago, she was only a shop assistant in Bermingham, but she felt like leaving her job and seing how different people lived their lives.Since then, her way of life has altered compeletely.

    3. She visited a foreign country seven years ago, when she was only 20.

    4. I have been doing military for 24 months. So, I’m finishing my contract.

    5. I didn’t go to work by my car because Mary had taken the car.

    6. My arms are aching now because I have been swimming since 3 o’clock.

    7. He has been an imbecile this morning.

    8. I keep falling asleep.I can’t keep concentrate on my work.

    -When do you go to bed?

    -At 11 o’clock as a rule. But it does not help me.

    9. I love this film. I suppose it’s the fourth time I have seen it.

    10. I had been working in the telecommunication holding for a year. That was when I graduated from the colledge.

    11. Why are you tasting the meat? Is it bad? Does the meat taste bad?

    12. Here is the news. There has been an accident not far from Liverpool. People who saw the crash say that there was an explosion as the plane was taking off.

    13. Scientists are inclined to believe that the Universe has been expanding since the starting of the time.


    II. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. There’s________point  in complaining. They’re unlikely to do anyhing about it.

    a.few            b. a little          c. few         d. little

    1. I don’t feel like purchasing  any of these dictionaries, I’ve got____

    a.all                   b. all them      c. everything    c them all

    1. The castle  was_________construction.

    a. lovely old brick    b. lovely brick old   c. brick old lovely  d. an old lovely brick

    1. Polly feels like travelling round the world. She’s really keen______the idea.

    a.bout       b. for     c. on      d. with

    1. Is that my pen, or is it________?

    a.the yours    b.yours      c. your     d. yours

    1. The_____manufactured at our planty  in England.

    a.good are    b. good is      c. goods are     d. goods is

    7. They haven’t had a vocation for________time.

    a.so long      b. so a long    c. such a long    d. such long

    1. Don’t make any noise,________?

    a.shall we     b. do you     c. OK      d. will you

    1. Emma isn’t here tonight_________

    a.neither Bob is    b.so isn’t Bob     c. nor is Bob     d. so Bob is

    10. Five minutes________seem long to wait.

    a. doesn’t       b. don’t    c. isn’t    d. aren’t

    11. This species of insect________quite rare

    a. are     b. is       c. appear to be     d. seem

    12. Rent a car_______a long way to the town.

    a. there’s     b. it’s      c. it has been    d. there has been




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