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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест №9.

    Задание №1. Поставьте правильную видовременную форму глагола.

    1.”Dоn’t takе this personally, but_____ уou________1 (beliеvе)i n lоvе аt first sight?»Gаbе__________ 2 (to ask), with thе еxpгеssion of shoсkеd and tегrifiеd disbеliеf as, hе___________3 (to listеn) to his voiсе saуing words hе_______nеvеr______4 (to sау) before and_______nеvеr_____5 (to схpесt) tо say.

    «If you________ 6 (tо аsk) mе thаt fiivе minutеs bеfоrе…», Jazz________

    7 (to hеsitаtе) and_______8 (to lоwег) hеr еуеlids, unаЬlе to rnееt his gazе.

    “Yеs? Don’t stop…” Gabе_______9 (tо implоге) hеr. “Just sаy whаtеvеr_______10 (to come) into your head”.

    “Now…I_________11 (to begin) to wonder…”

    “Wonder what?’

    ‘If maybe it’s possible”, she__________12 (to whisper), overcome by a sudden new bashfulness, her chin lowered so that she ___________13 (to look) only at the table.

    “How would I know? Why______you______14 (to expect) me to know everything?” Jazz________15 (to say), lifting her head.

    “Because I__________16 (to be) crazy in love with you, I________17 (to be) since the minute I_________18 (to see) you and it __________19( not to seem) possible, it __________never_______20 ( to happen) to me before, so you have to tell me, it’s true”.

    “Oh …” Jazz_________21 (to say).

    “Are you just going to sit there and say “oh”?

    Jazz_________22 (to nod), incapable of speech. She________23 (can) not even make a gesture. She just________sit there, immobile, knowing that it_________25 (to be) enough for her to accept this words and wait. Her hands________26 (to tremble) as badly as his, but his_____26 ( to be) warm and hers 28 ( to be) cold.

    “So that_______29 (to settle). Love at first sight that’s what it’s called, that’s what_________30 (to happen) to us.”


    Задание №2. Выберите правильный вариант.

    1. She__________English for 3 years

    had learned                   has been learning

    have been learning        was learning

    1. At the moment I_________TV. There is a very good programme on

    watch                   c watched

    am watching       watches

    1. There___________ too much bad news on TV tonight.

    be                    are

    were                is

    1. I like all drinks____________cocao.

    except              instead of

    besides             after

    1. I can’t stand____________to this music.

    to listen               listening

    listen                    be listening

    1. Don’t forget to congratulate Mark_______getting the prize.

    on                       with

    for                      of

    1. She had to accept this decision__________?

    did  she           didn’t she

    hadn’t she      had she

    1. The Browns had________furniture for their apartment.

    all                          many

    enough                 any

    1. She can___________write________read.

    either….nor               neither……nor….

    neither….nor             either……and

    10. Either John or his wife__________breakfast in the morning.

    to cook                  cooking

    cook                        cooks

    11. Please make him___________to the doctor.

    go                         going

    to go                    have gone

    12. This girl is_______________than her sister

    pretty                  prettier

    much pretty       more prettier

    13. Is Helen’s daughter as pretty as________.

    your                      your’s

    your ones             yours

    14. Let’s go to the seaside,___________?

    shall we                  shan’t we

    will you                  shall us

    15. If it_______________tomorrow, I’ll stay at home.

    will rain                 rains

    rain                        rained

    16. I learnt how to____________a car whe I was 18.

    ride                          drive

    conduct                   lead

    17. They went swimming, but they didn’t enjoy________

    themselves            selves

    themsef                 oneselves

    18. What’s the weather ____________today?

    would                       so

    like                           that

    19. I____________to introduce you to my best friend Helen.

    would                      am wanting

    will like                   would like

    20. Apples and orranges_____________in this shop now.

    are selling               are veing sold

    are sold                   be sold


    Задание № 3. Переведите с русского на английский.

    1. Когда Аня и я доплыли до  берега, мы были ужасно голодны. Мы с радостью разожгли костер
    2. Было замечательно, что мы взяли с собой чайник.
    3. Аня помогла Кате приготовить ужин  и пригласила всех к костру.
    4. Я была уверена, что мы придем в лес слишком поздно, но Настя уверила нас, что до полудня  мы уже позавтракаем.
    5. И действительно, ровно в 10 часов мы уже собирали грибы.
    6. В субботу и воскресенье мы, как правило, выезжаем  за город, но сегодня мы собираемся пойти  в театр.
    7. На даче мы работаем в саду, ухаживаем за цветами и если хорошая погода, то купаемся  и загораем  на речке.
    8. Мы всегда отдыхаем на даче, так как рядом большой  лес, озеро и природа вокруг замечательная.
    9. Все люди, живущие в нашем дачном поселке ходя загорать на местный пляж, река протекающая  недалека очень чистая и там водится много рыбы.
    10.  Два года тому назад, мы ездили в Испанию осмотрели много достопримечательностей,  о которых читали в путеводителях.





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