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    postheadericon МГИМО экзамены. Тест №8.

    Поставьте глаголы в нужную грамматическую форму.

    1. They_________(usually/stay) at home on Friday, but tonight ia an exception as  they________(go) to the circus.

    2. Rita Bell is the most wonderful  women he_____(ever/meet), she’s only 20 but she_________(visit) more then 40 various countries. Two years ago, she_____(be) only a shop assistant in Bermingham, but she______(feel like) leaving  her job and  (see) how different people lived their lives.Since then, her way of life_________(alter) compeletely.

    3. She________(visit) a foreign country seven years ago, when she_______(be) only 20.

    4. I_____(do) military________24  months. So, I’m finishing my contract.

    5. I didn’t go to work by my car because Mary_______(take)  the car.

    6. My arms_______(ache) now because I________(swim) since 3 o’clock.

    7. He________ (be) an imbecile  this morning.

    8. I_________ (keep/fall) asleep.I can’t keep concentrate on my work.

    -When______ (you/go) to bed?

    -At 11 o’clock as a rule. But________ (it/not help) me.

    9. I_______(love) this film. I_______ (suppose) it’s the fourth time I_______ (see) it.

    10. I________(work) in the telecommunication  holding for a year. That was when I graduated from the  colledge.

    11. Why________(you/taste) the meat? Is it bad? (the meat? taste) bad?

    12. Here is the news. There_________(be) an accident  not far from Liverpool. People who saw the crash say that there_______(be) an explosion as the plane_________(take) off.

    13. Scientists are inclined to believe  that the Universe________(expand) since the starting of the time.

    II. Choose the right varian

    1. There’s________point  in complaining. They’re unlikely to do anyhing about it.
      1. few            b. a little          c. few         d. little
    2. I don’t feel like purchasing  any of these dictionaries, I’ve got____
    3. all                   b. all them      c. everything    c them all
      1. The castle  was_________construction.
      2. a lovely old brick  b.a lovely brick old  c. a brick old lovely     d. an old lovely  brick
        1. Polly feels like travelling  round the world. She’s really  keen______the idea.
          1. about       b. for     c. on      d. with
    4. Is that my pen, or is it________?
    5. the yours    b.yours      c. your     d. yours
      1. The_____manufactured at our planty  in England.
      2. good are    b. good is      c. goods are     d. goods is
        1. They  haven’t had a vocation  for________time.
        2. so long      b. so a long    c. such a long    d. such long
          1. Don’t make any noise,________?
          2. shall we     b. do you     c. OK      d. will you
            1. Emma isn’t here tonight_________
            2. neither Bob is  b.so isn’t Bob c. nor is Bob d. so Bob is

    10. Five minutes________seem long to wait.

    a. doesn’t       b. don’t    c. isn’t    d. aren’t

    11. This species of insect________quite rare

    a. are     b. is       c. appear to be     d. seem

    12. Rent a car_______a long way to the town.

    a. there’s     b. it’s      c. it has been    d. there has been



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