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    Use a correct form of the word.

    1.The car needs servicing.
    2.Hadn’t we better leave soon?
    3.Isn’t it about time you started to take life seriously.
    4.We could try to make a dash for the car if it would only stop raining for a moment.
    5.I’m sure you won’t regret buying the house; even though it needs painting and decorating.
    6.Always remember to wipe your feet before entering the school during the rainy season.
    7.Do you remember wiping your feet before you come into the house.
    8.I’ve considered asking him raise my salary, but I don’t think he can afford to do it.
    9.I was made to scrub the pans and pots.
    10.Why not to buy something new and smashing?
    11.You’d better not say anything. I’d rather be left alone.
    12.I won’t have you saying it behind my back.
    13.I can’t make the video-recorder work. I must have done something wrong.
    14.Nick said that he had never spoken to me, as it was the first time he had seen me.
    15.Try speaking French with him. You know French, don’t you?
    16.Many dentists don’t allow to chew gum.
    17.He had been offered this job several times. What made him refuse it?
    18.I’m fed up. I have been keept waiting for half an hour! I’m notgoing to stay here any longer.
    19.He was seen leaving the building at 8 o’clock.
    20. Scaresly had she crossed the street when the traffic lights changed.
    21.He was thirsty again, though he had drunk half of the bottle of juice since he came home.
    22.By that time the police had had all necessary information, so they were looking for the criminals in all the places where people had seen them before.
    23.By the time the opereation was over, the doctor had been so tired that he coul hardly walk.
    24.Nick says he met Ann at the library a few days ago. She came to take some books for her exams and asked the librarian about it.
    25. Hardly had she shut the door when the door bell rang again.
    26.He was called to ask for advice on how to choose a computer. He had bought a new one.
    27.How long have you been here? Have you been overhearing?
    28.She has travelled to many countries since she got this new job.
    29.Where have you got this rare book? I have been looking for it in shops for ages.
    30. This is the third bad mark that you have got in English. What’s the matter? What did you get it for?

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