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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест № 14. Ответы.

    Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

    II. Choose the correct answer.

    1.Diana … to be resting now.

    A. is seeming                     B. seems          C. is seemed

    2. They are considered … here long.

    A. to be living                     B. to live               C. to have been living

    3. William … to know the truth.

    A. is chanced                      B. chanced           C. was chanced

    4. Caroline … to be having fun at the moment.

    A. doesn’t likely                 B. is unlikely        C. didn’t likely

    5. The question doesn’t seem….

    A. to solve                          B. to be solving         C. to have been solved

    6. They … not to know our telephone number.

    A. to turn out                     B. turned out           C. were turned out

    7. The boy … to have fallen in love.

    1. is sure                            B. sures                      C. is sured

    8. The conference was announced … next week.

    A. to be start                      B. to have started

    C. to start                            D. to have been starting

    9. If the weather were hot and sunny, Julia … to the beach.

    A. will go             B. would go           C. went

    10. If he … me, I will phone him myself.

    A. doesn’t phone          B. didn’t phone                C. hadn’t phoned

    11. We … him to the country if he had asked us.

    A. would take           B. would have taken           C. would be taken

    12. If Leo were more careful, he … so many mistakes in his tests.

    A. won’t make            B. wouldn’t make            C. wouldn’t made

    13. I wouldn’t refuse if they … to give them a lift.

    A. asked                   B. ask               C. would ask

    14. If Brenda had had plenty of time yesterday, she … us.

    A.would visit          B. would have visited             C. would have

    15. If you … a goof specialist, you will earn much.

    A. were                     B. are               C. would be

    16. If people … wings, they wouldn’t need airplanes.

    A. have                     B. had                C. had had

    17. If I … you, I wouldn’t lie to my best friend.

    A. am                   B. was                  C. were

    18. Lisa … him such stupid advice if he had asked for her opinion.

    A. won’t have given              B. wouldn’t have given            C. wouldn’t give

    19. If mum hadn’t been sleeping, I … her to the te­lephone.

    A. would have called                 B. will call                          C. would call

    20. He will be disappoined if I ….

    A. didn’t come                   B. won’t come                         C. don’t come

    21. Do you think it … possible for them to coexist in the same flat next week?

    A. would be                       B. would have been                C. will have been

    22. Tania is busy right now, but if she …, she would help us.

    A. isn’t                                B. weren’t                                    C. didn’t

    23. We would go with you if it … now.

    A. didn’t snow                   B. weren’t snowing                C. doesn’t snow

    24. If he hadn’t stepped on the brackets, he … a dog on the road.

    A. would hit                      B. wouldn’t have hit               C. would have hit


    I. Open the brackets.

    1. If the weather is nice tomorrow, we will go to the zoo.

    2. He would answer the phone if he were in the office.

    3. If mum has enough berries, she will bake a pie.

    4. We would go with you if we had enough money.

    5. If Rey had had time, he would have writen his parents.

    6. I would fix your bike if I had tools.

    7. If Ted is at home tomorrow, we are going to visit him.

    8. What would you do if you won a million?

    9. If I knew you hadn’t met her before, I would have intro­duceed you.

    10. Will he buy a new house if he has money?

    11. She will be very happy if he comes right now.

    12. They would have offered their help if they knew you had a problem.


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