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    postheadericon Подготовительный тест №17.Ответы.

    1. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

    1 They____________ the Olympic Stadium by 2007.
    (A) are building              (C) will have built
    (B) had built                   (D) have built
    2. Would you please________________ write on the textbooks’.’
    (A) don’t                           (C) not to
    (B) not                             (D) to not
    3. I look forward_____________ from you soon.
    (A) to hearing                 (C) hearing
    (B) to hear                         (D) to get a letter
    4. The talks will_____________ in Paris.
    (A) take part                    (C) be hold
    (B) be held                       (D) took place
    5. The plane safely landed_________ two mountains.
    (A) among                       (C) at the foot
    (B) nearly                        (D) between
    6. We’ll be there as soon as we_________ a babysitter for our son.
    (A) find                            (C) found
    (B) will find                     (D) would find
    7. They are______________ my other neighbours.
    (A) more friendlier than                (C) friendlier than
    (B) friendly than                             (D) friendlier as
    8. I am especially glad that Bob decided to come to the party because we hadn’t seen him________ several months.
    (A) since                          (C) many
    (B) until                           (D) for
    9. We don’t have_____________ homework tonight.
    (A) some                          (C) many
    (B ) no                             (D) any
    10. I like him. He makes me____________ •
    (A) laughing                     (C) to laugh
    (B) laugh                         (D) being laughed

    2. Use the required Tense forms.

    1. When he saw Bob, he came straight to him, smiling. 2. When Jimmy came to the cafe a little late, Christine had not  arrived yet. 3. When Ted turned to thank the doctor, he had already gone away. 4. When she was going she carried herself like a ballet dancer. 5. We had not walked a hundred yards towards the building when the doctor all of a sudden knelt down. 6. One afternoon I went to play tennis with some neighbours and as soon as I returned my mother had disappeared. 7. When she spoke, she seemed kind and generous. 8. When I  came to Hugh’s room he was lying at his sofa reading a small book. 9. When Paula had tidied up she left the room. 10. I  saw her on the beach when I was finishing my early walk. 11. When he finished speaking, everyone was clapping. 12. I had completed a big project when I called her yesterday. 13. The actors had been acting for about twenty minutes when Ann  found his seat at the back of the pit. 14. When Jack  looked back, the Holts were dancing cheek to cheek. 15. «How do you like that?» he asked her when he had finished painting. 16. When she came back, he was eating the sandwiches. 17. I was watching the TV when she arrived. 18. When Theo went for a walk he looked exclusively at his own feet. 19. I had not walked very far from the corner when I noticed there was a stranger behind me. 20. When they had left I headed for to the woods. 21. I was getting out a box of matches when he offered me a light. 22. She had not  spoken to me five minutes when she received a telephone call.

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